Hong Kong protesters graffiti walls after storming government building – live

Anti-Beijing protesters filmed inside Legislative Council building as anniversary of 1997 transition coincides with anger about controversial extradition law

The Legislative Council Secretariat has announced that the Legco will be closed to the public indefinitely. The full statement:

The Legislative Council Secretariat announced today [July 1] that all guided tours and services to the public in the LegCo Complex, including the service of the Public Complaints Office and visits to the LegCo Library, Archives and Children’s Corner, are suspended until further notice.

Verna Yu, our reporter on the ground in Hong Kong, has been speaking to a 24-year-old protester, who asked not to be named. (A number of participants fear repercussions for their actions.)

“We all know that the rioting charge carries 10 years in jail, [the maximum sentence] but why did we still do it? It’s because we have utterly lost hope in this place,” the protester said.

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