Woman left for dead after being stabbed 23 times gives birth after docs said she would never have kids

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A WOMAN who was stabbed 23 times and left for dead as a teen has given birth after docs warned her she would never have kids.

Jessica Knight, 26, was butchered by drunk loner Kristofer Beddar, 21, in a sickening random attack in Chorley, Lancashire 11 years ago.

Jessica gave birth to a baby boy after being told by doctors the attack would leave her unable to have kids
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She needed a three-month stay in hospital
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Despite being left for dead in a freezing park, she defied the odds and battled back from the brink of death – and went on to give birth to 7lb 8oz son Bode.

She told the Sunday Mirror: “Now I’m a mum I understand how awful it must have been for my own mum having to see what happened to me.

“I feel really grateful to be alive and to have Bode.

“I was told it probably wouldn’t affect conception, it was more to do with the carrying of a baby because what happened to me takes a toll on your body.

They thought my body had been through such a lot they thought it was hit and miss that I’d be able to carry a pregnancy to term

Jessica Knight

“They thought my body had been through such a lot they thought it was hit and miss that I’d be able to carry a pregnancy to term.”

The savage attack left her with a fractured eye socket, partially-severed eyelid, nerve damage, and stab wounds to her back, lung, bowel, chest, bladder and neck.

She spent three months in hospital and later tried to kill herself because of the anxiety the attack left her with.

Vile Beddar was later caged for life with a minimum term of ten years.


Delighted mum Jill Walmsley, 49, said: “Considering what she’s been through, I had my concerns about her having the baby and how much it would put her back.

“But since she’s had the baby I’m so, so proud of her. She’s come into her own.

“All she wanted to do was have a baby and do what normal people do. She couldn’t hold down a job and all her friends were getting on with their lives.

“Going out and getting boyfriends, going to college and getting jobs. And she, in some ways, missed out on a lot of being a teenager as she spent most of her teenage years recovering.

“She has so much to focus on now.”

Beddar was caged for 12 years
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