Who were Peter Sellers’ wives? Anne Howe, Miranda Macmillan, Lynne Frederick and Britt Ekland

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PETER Sellers was as famed for his romantic relationships as his glittering on-screen career.

But who did the celebrated comic actor marry, and do any of them feature in new BBC documentary, A State Of Comic Ecstasy, airing tonight?

Peter Sellers passed away in 1980
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Peter had a colourful love life and was known for his eccentric – even abusive – behaviours when it came to his romantic relationships.

He married four times, first to Anne Howe, then Britt Eckland, followed by Miranda Macmillan and finally Lynne Frederick.

His first marriage was his longest.

Peter and Anne met while she was studying to be an actress at RADA.

Together they had two children, and when the relationship was on the rocks Peter would wake his children at night and manically ask them who they’d prefer to live with should there be a divorce.

He’d start raging if they replied that they would prefer to stay with their mum.

It’s rumoured that the marriage broke down because Peter fell in love with Sophia Loren, another actress.

Peter Sellers, the legendary comedian, is best known for playing Inspector Clouseau in The Pink Panther
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Britt was his second wife and this marriage was perhaps his most prolific.

Amazingly they married after only ten days of knowing each other.

Maurice Woodruff was trying to get Peter to agree to do a film so after faking the ability to read tea leaves he told Peter the initials B.E would become important to his life – the initials of the film.

Later Peter saw Britt in a newspaper, made the connection with the initials, and was determined to date her.

Britt was 21 at the time and new to London – she’s admitted later on in life some naivety in moving so fast with Peter.

Their marriage got off to a bad start however, as they were immediately separated working on different films.

Peter was possessive and tricked Britt into taking time off her filming, but then never letting her return back to set so that her part got re-cast and filmed.

Britt has spoken out after their messy divorce, opening up on how psychologically abusive he was with her.

Regularly he would throw her possessions around and destroy them and even through Britt out of hotel rooms.

The comic actor was married to Bond actress Britt Eckland for four years
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The following year he married Miranda Macmillan, an aristocrat.

Finally, he married Lynne Frederick, another actress.

It’s been reported that Peter tried to change his will hours before he died to stop his wealth going to her, but it wasn’t processed in time so she inherited his entire estate, leaving his children with £800 each.

TONIGHT (Saturday, May 9, 2020) a documentary that looks at his life will air on BBC Two at 9pm called A State of Comic Ecstasy that will mark the 40th anniversary of Peter’s death.

His second wife, Britt Eckland features in the programme, and opens up about their tumultuous marriage.

Anne Howe

Anne was an Austrian actress who lived in London.

She had two children with Peter and they didn’t remarry.

Britt Ekland

Britt is a Swedish actress, best known for being a Bond girl.

She starred in many films during the 60s and 70s, including The Man With the Golden Gun and The Wickerman.

The actress remarried once after Peter, but one of her most notable relationship was with Rod Stewart.

In her youth she was hailed as a sex symbol.

Miranda Macmillan

Miranda, was a British socialite and model, who came from aristocracy.

Her title was Countess of Stockton.

Like Peter she married multiple times too, having three husbands during her life.

With her second husband after Peter, Sir Nicholas Nuttall, 3rd Baronet they had three daughters Gytha Miranda Nuttall, Amber Louise Nuttall, and Olympia Jubilee Nuttall.

She passed away in March 2020.

Lynne Frederick

Lynne was an actress that starred in more than 30 films and TV shows, including Vampire Circus, Schizo and No Blade of Grass.

She married three times, Peter being her first.

The actress inherited Peter Sellers’ wealth and has been called a gold-digger, given that many have tried to get her to give some of her fortune over to Sellers’ children, but she’s always refused.

She died in 1994 in the US.