Who is Chris Ingham, what did The Ingham Family YouTube star post on Twitter and who’s his wife Sarah?

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CHRIS Ingham, the patriarch of the popular family YouTube channel The Ingham Family, has broken his silence to hit back and deny claims he sent “sexual” texts to teens.

The star amassed a legion of followers by portraying himself as a doting dad and loving husband but he has been accused of bombarding teenage fans with “creepy” texts. Here’s all you need to know…

Chris Ingham has been confronted over sending ‘creepy’ and ‘sexual’ texts after creating a wholesome dad persona online

Who is Chris Ingham?

Chris Ingham was born July 13, 1984, and is a popular YouTube vlogger famous for sharing videos of his wholesome family life.

He published the first video on his family’s channel The Ingham Family in December 2015 and the channel has since grown to gain more than one million subscribers.

The Channel contains daily vlogs from Chris, 34, his wife Sarah, 35, and their three children, Isabelle, 12, Esmé, nine, and Isla, six.

In June 2018, their success spawned a second channel IFAM Extras and Isabelle also has her own channel under the name SassyBelle.

The Ingham Family channel on YouTube has gained more than one million subscribers

What did The Ingham Family YouTube star post on Twitter?

On July 27, 2018, The Sun exclusively revealed Chris had bombarded teenage fans with “sexual” and “creepy” texts despite building a wholesome family man persona.

Chris asked 16-year-old Jessica Simpson to “sneak out” of her family hotel and meet him, telling her he wanted to go “skinny dipping”.

The 34-year-old then asked 19-year-old fan Bella Fearn to send him naked pictures after promising that he could make her a social media star.

He then followed this up by sending threatening messages to a fan, and begged her to not speak out about his conduct, telling her: “Think of my little girls.”

On August 25, 2018, Chris broke his silence in a lengthy 23-minute video posted to YouTube, saying he was the victim and slammed the “witch hunt” against him.

Chris’ wife Sarah revealed in July 2018 that the couple were expecting their fourth child together

Who’s his wife Sarah?

Sarah Ingham is the matriarch of the YouTube family vloggers and was born December 13, 1985.

In July 2018, the same month the accusations about her husband emerged, she posted a video revealing they were expecting a fourth child together.

The family also confirmed they would no longer be appearing at Summer in the City, a YouTuber industry and fan convention held in London in August.

Fellow YouTube star Zoella has featured in a video with the family before and her boyfriend Alfie Deyes took to Twitter to join those criticising Chris’ conduct.

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