Westworld reveals final Delos park with harrowing Dolores rape scene in flashback to Caleb’s military training

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THE last of Delos’ nefarious theme parks has been revealed in the Westworld season 3 finale.

The AI corporation used a web of host-inhabited worlds to harvest data on guests under the illustration of recreation and adventure.

Dolores was brutally mistreated in season 1

So far we’ve seen Westworld, themed around the Wild West, the Japanese-themed Shogun World and Indian-themed The Raj.

Then earlier in season 3 we saw WWII-themed War World and the makings of a fantasy-themed park.

However, the latest park to be exhibited proved to be the darkest, with real world ramifications like no other.

The revelation came in connection with one of Caleb’s (Aaron Paul) flashbacks, which documented his time in the army.

Caleb wiped his memory with Delos patches

In a voiceover from Dolores (Evan Rachel Wood), it’s explained that Park 5 was used by the military for training purposes.

Hosts were used to simulate live targets for a cutting-edge battlefield experience, with aggressor hosts attacking civilian hosts and the army tasked with taking out the enemy with minimal innocent casualties.

However, the project gave way to corruption, with one harrowing scene showing soldiers attempting to rape the female hosts they’d rescued as a sick, twisted form of ‘payment’ for their surfaces.

Fortunately Caleb managed to step in and avert the assaults – and it turns out this is the reason why Dolores decided to track him down in the first place.

Dolores teamed up with Caleb to take down Delos

Dolores relied on Caleb to reprogram Delos’ master AI Solomon while she fought off Maeve (Thandie Newton), ultimately bringing about mass revolution.

His motive? Well, it transpired that Delos had maintained an artificial sense of order worldwide by regulating crime and reprogramming unpredictable or rebellious people, referred to as “outliers.”

Caleb was horrified to discover that his memory had been completely overhauled in a facility, with his belief that his best friend had been killed in a war exposed as false.

Instead, Caleb had ended up killing him in self-defence when they were both instructed to murder each other on their vigilante crime app.

The Main in Black met a bitter end

It turns out that Dolores’ plan to use a human to bring about the fall of mankind was mapped out in Westworld’s very first episode.

Taking to reddit, one fan pointed out how a conversation between Dolores and Teddy perfectly summed up her strategy, albeit in a different context.

“In the first episode, Dolores and Teddy are watching her family’s cattle. And Teddy asks how they lead and heard all the cattle,” the user wrote.

“Dolores says that you have to pick out the Judas cow and lead him, and where they go the rest will follow,” they went on.

Charlotte Hale
Charlotte Hale returned in the post-credits scene

Westworld has already been renewed for a fourth season

“Caleb is the Judas cow Dolores is using to herd humanity. It’s really obvious that Dolores was using Caleb to either free humanity, destroy, or guide it.

“But that detail from the very first episode is, kinda crazy, so far back.”

The post soon picked up traction as others chimed in with messages of agreement, drawing other parallels in her comments.

Westworld season 3 is available to stream in full on NOW TV.