Trump-Mueller latest: William Barr to testify to Congress in April – live

US attorney general will face Democrat-controlled House committee on 9 April. Follow the latest developments

Felix Sater, the Moscow-born businessman at the center of the Trump Tower discussions in Russia, will be appearing on Capitol Hill later than originally scheduled because of the Mueller report.

House Intel Cmte Spokesperson:

Felix Sater’s testimony is being postponed due to “our need to understand Special Counsel Mueller’s areas of inquiry and evidence his office uncovered… With the focus on those efforts this week, we are postponing Mr. Sater’s open interview.”

Majority Leader Mitch McConnell has blocked a non-binding resolution put forth by Senator Chuck Schumer calling for the Mueller report to be made public.

JUST NOW: McConnell blocks Schumer measure calling for Mueller report to be made public

It is in the public interest for the Mueller report to be released to the American people.

They simply want the truth.

They can read the report for themselves and draw their own conclusions.

MCCONNELL on Barr summary of Mueller conclusions: “In any sane political moment all of this would be very welcome news to all Americans, in a normal time, but we know that amazingly the reaction in some corners of the far left has seemed not to be celebration, but disappointment”

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