Trump in remarkable clash with Pelosi and Schumer as cameras roll in Oval Office – live

  • Trump threatens a government shutdown over funding for the wall
  • Schumer: ‘Temper tantrum he seems to throw will not get him his wall’
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John Kelly is now staying on as chief of staff into 2019. In an interview with Fox News, Kellyanne Conway said “He will stay on the job through January 2 at least, and I think there will be a very peaceful and pragmatic transition to the next chief of staff.”

Kelly to remain as White House chief of staff through Jan. 2 or longer, official says

Potential 2020 Democratic candidates are starting an internal debate about whether they should use superPACs in the presidential primary.

The New York Times reports:

But as three dozen Democrats ponder presidential runs in 2020 and begin to design their campaign infrastructures, some leading names beyond Senator Bernie Sanders are expected to forgo or disavow super PACs — and with it the ability for allies to raise unlimited sums from wealthy backers — in hopes that grass-roots donors and progressive activists would reward them more handsomely in the primary for rejecting such funds.

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