Super Bowl 2019: New England Patriots v Los Angeles Rams – live!

It should be noted that this could be Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski’s final game with the Patriots. “Gronk,” as he is affectionately known, already has established himself as one of the best to ever play the position, or possibly even the best. He’s been ineffective and dealing with an injuries for most of the year, so it’s probably the right time for him to considering it calling it quits before his body starts collapsing upon itself like a dying star.

The good news is that he’s apparently as healthy has been all year.

From @NFLGameDay: Come for specifics of what #Patriots TE Rob Gronkowski battled all year, stay for me properly saying “bulging disc” on air with no snafus.

Something to watch for during today’s game: the first male cheerleaders to perform at the Super Bowl. Lauren Aratani has the report:

Quinton Peron and Napoleon Jinnies of the Los Angeles Rams are set to be the first male cheerleaders to perform at a Super Bowl. The duo broke the gender barrier when they joined the team in March, becoming the first male cheerleaders in the NFL in recent memory (or, at the least, the first since 1987).

Male cheerleaders have had a presence in high school and college stunt-heavy cheerleading teams for years, but they have been largely absent from the cheerleading squads of pro teams. The Baltimore Ravens and Indianapolis Colts have men as stunt performers on their cheer teams. But Peron and Jinnies, both professional dancers, are notably on the Rams’ team to dance.

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