Shutdown latest: Congress expected to vote Thursday on deal – live

Congressional negotiators try to hammer out details of deal to avoid another government shutdown before midnight Friday deadline

A sentencing date has been set for Sam Platten, a lobbyist with ties to Paul Manafort, who pled guilty for failing to register as a foreign agent.

The prosecution of Platten stemmed from the Mueller probe and his work on behalf of Ukranian oligarch. In particular, Platten funneled money from the oligarch to buy tickets to events tied to Trump’s inauguration.

JUST IN: Sam Patten is set to be sentenced on April 12. Sentencing memos are due by April 5, which will describe the extent of his cooperation.

Mark Kelly already has picked up his first congressional endorsement in Arizona’s Senate race. Tom O’Halleran, a moderate Democrat representing a rural district won by Trump has endorsed him.

The former astronaut is seeking to challenge appointed Republican incumbent Martha McSally in 2020. However, he still may face a primary from Reuben Gallego, a progressive three-term congressman from Phoenix.

NEWS: @RepOHalleran (D-AZ) tells me he endorses @ShuttleCDRKelly for SENATE in 2020. Says Kelly has impeccable record, served country with distinction and stood by wife @GabbyGiffords through toughest times

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