Paul Manafort sentencing: ex-Trump campaign chief faces prison term – live

Manafort, 69, in court after being found guilty last year of eight felony crimes – follow the news live

Sam Levin here, taking over our live coverage. Paul Manafort is due to be sentenced shortly. Court has just adjourned for a 15-minute break, so stay tuned:

We are in a 15 minute recess. Update to come.

Judge is digging into the legal teams’ arguments over whether Manafort sought a $5.5 million loan and admitted lying to the bank to get the money – with the intention to cause harm to the bank.

Judge is now considering Manafort’s acceptance of responsibility.

As we wait for more information on Manafort, news that the Washington Post has petitioned a federal court to open a number of sealed and redacted records from the case against Trump’s former campaign chairman.

From the Post:

At issue are redacted or sealed filings, sentencing memos, hearing transcripts and more than 800 pages of exhibits submitted after the special counsel’s office alleged in November that Manafort voided his cooperation agreement with prosecutors in Washington by lying to them about five subjects over more than 50 hours of interviews before and after his guilty plea.

Prosecutors submitted the materials to substantiate their allegations but did so under seal or with heavy redactions, arguing that information related to uncharged individuals or ongoing criminal investigations, including secret grand jury matters, should not become public.

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