US actor Bill Murray, 69, spotted ‘getting hammered’ at student party in St Andrew’s, Fife

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HOLLYWOOD’S Bill Murray drank gin and sang with students at their party — and even stopped cops shutting it down.

Revellers were starstuck when the Ghostbusters legend, 69, turned up at the flat in St Andrews, Fife.

The Ghostbusters star ended up partying with students at their flat in Fife

Murray — who was in the town for the Alfred Dunhill Links Championship golf — was invited by Hugh Kelly, 26, after he bumped into the actor at a pub.

The Glasgow University student said: “He started drinking with us and we managed to get him back to ours after. He’s nearly 70 and he’s just there getting hammered with us.”

Knowing the star was a massive fan of Scottish folk music, Hugh started playing classic song Loch Lomond on his guitar.

He said: “From the corner of the party, he came straight to the microphone and started singing. It went silent and we just jammed away for a bit.”

Bill, who is a Scottish folk music fan, sang Loch Lomond at the student bash
Hollywood legend Bill Murray is in St Andrews, Fife, for the Alfred Dunhill Links Championship golf
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The 69-year-old got invited after a student bumped into him at a pub
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Hugh shared a video online of the Lost in Translation star blasting out Loch Lomond at the top of his lungs, with a drink in hand.

Hugh said Murray even used his A-list status to stop cops shutting down the party. The actor told the gathering: “I don’t fear the police, but I respect their power.”

Hugh added: “Bill stood up and just stared at them, and then the police were just like, ‘Oh sorry guys, just keep it down a bit, have a good night’. He’s an odd guy but a lovely guy.”

Their brief relationship ended when Hugh was asked to fetch a beer, but came back only with sparkling water and Murray said: “What the f*** are you doing?”

Bill Murray has been having an eventful time in Scotland as a car he was in got into a smash

Hugh said: “We didn’t speak after that.”

Murray is having an eventful time in Scotland. A car that had just dropped him off in St Andrews was involved in a four-vehicle smash last week.

Afterwards he was spotted with a bandage around his hand.

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