UK coronavirus live: travellers face £1,000 fines in quarantine plans to be unveiled by Priti Patel

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UK government set to reveals is plans isolate new arrivals for two weeks; independent Sage committee warns against schools reopening

Transport for London (TfL) has announced it will begin reintroducing the requirement for passengers to pay for bus travel on Saturday.

TfL is seeking independent advice from UCL Institute of Health Equity to make sure we better understand the impact of coronavirus on our bus workers and to ensure we are taking every possible measure to protect our heroic staff. As the son of a bus driver, this is deeply personal to me.

I urge all Londoners to do their bit to keep our transport workers safe by only using public transport if you have no other alternative. It is crucial that the demand on services is as low as possible to enable social distancing for the safety of both staff and passengers.

A straw poll of Unison members working in schools in England found that the vast majority remain concerned over the safety of their workplaces opening to more pupils on 1 June.

Unison said its members had been “shut out” of the debate over reopening, and that the government has not modelled the impact on support staff such as teaching assistants who tend to be older, and are more likely to come from black and minority ethnic communities or disadvantaged backgrounds.

There’s little confidence in ministers’ plans, that’s clear to see. Staff, parents and schools aren’t ready to go back without reassurances that safety is the number one priority.

Unions want to work with ministers to make schools as safe as possible, so that parents, their children and staff will want to return. But the rush to get some schools open to meet an arbitrary date isn’t at all helpful.

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