The Hills: Best and worst moments of the iconic reality show

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GET ready for more drama as The Hills: New Beginnings kicks off TONIGHT (June 25).

To celebrate this, we take you through the best and worst moments of the original The Hills – in the words of Kristin Cavallari, we look back over the “drama, drama, drama”.

The Hills ran from 2006 to 2010 and saw A LOT of drama, drama, drama

The Hills – Best Moments

The birth of Justin Bobby

Justin Bresica was given the nickname Justin Bobby by Lauren Conrad and Lo

Let’s just start when Justin Bresica who was hilariously re-named ‘Justin Bobby’ by Lo Bosworth and leading lady Lauren Conrad.

In a scene from season two, Lo was telling LC how Audrina Patridge‘s date Justin wanted to be called Bobby, so she said, “let’s just call him Justin Bobby.”

When Audrina brought him by to meet her friends for the first time, their new nickname didn’t go over so well with JB.

But Lauren and Lo’s teasing didn’t scare Justin off. He stuck around to mess with Audrina’s head for a few more seasons.

Lauren’s goodbye

Lauren left the show in 2009
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Although we didn’t want LC to leave, her exit from the show was on true to The Hills and packed with high drama which saw her FINALLY patch things up with former BFF-turned-frenemy, Heide Montag.

After a change of heart and an appearance at Heidi and Spencer’s wedding, Lauren made a quiet exit out the side door of the church.

After five seasons of ups and downs, Lauren’s time on The Hills had come to an end.

The return of Kristin Cavallari

Kristin Cavallari made her big entrance after LC left
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When LC left, her nemesis from Laguna Beach (which was the show that The Hills’ prequel show) Kristin Cavallari took the role of the leading lady.

She made her dramatic entrance on to the show when she turned up at Heidi and Spencer’s wedding just as Lauren had left (rumour has it the pair had to be kept apart at opposite ends of the church).

Kristin’s “man-eater” reputation immediately ruffled some feathers in the group.

At the wedding reception an argument broke out between Kristin, Stephanie Pratt and Audrina over Justin.

Stephanie even went to far as to say: “She’s the girl that’s going to stab us all in the back and she doesn’t care.”

The show’s ending

The show’s ending saw Brody Jenner walk away from Kristin
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The end of the show led us to believe (even though we knew) that the show and its storylines were all fake.

After a montage of flashbacks from Lo, Kristin, and Audrina, the background rolled away from behind Brody to reveal a studio lot.

However, three years after the end of season 6, MTV aired an alternate ending that shocked fans of the show everywhere.

After seeing off brokenhearted Kristin (which he did in the original ending), Brody returned to his apartment and Lauren.

Trying to console Brody, LC said: “It’s hard to say goodbye.”

The show had many highs and lows during its time on MTV in the noughties
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The Hills – Worst moments

Break-up of Lauren and Heidi

Lauren fell out with BFF Heidi Montag
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In season two, it became clear that Spencer Pratt was seriously driving a wedge between BFFs Lauren and Heidi.

After he encouraged Brody Jenner to hook up with LC’s mate Jen Bunney, Lauren didn’t hold back with Heidi and just like that, those blissful season one memories of the girls moving into their apartment were long gone.

Sadly, this was the beginning of the end for Lauren and Heidi’s friendship.

While it seemed like the friendship had started to go from bad to worse when Heidi met Spencer, Lauren tried her hardest to spend time with her BFF and roommate.

But on a whim, and with no consideration for LC, Heidi decided to move in with Spencer but assured Lauren that their friendship would last the distance.

Unfortunately Lauren knew that wouldn’t be the case.

After numerous spats, Lauren famously said to Heidi: “I want to forgive you, and I want to forget you.” Cold.

Heidi’s surgery

Heidi’s transformation shocked her family

Just before the final season Heidi underwent 10 plastic surgeries in one day.

At the start of season 6, Heidi flew home to show off the results of her procedures to her family.

After revealing herself, Heidi’s mum was in shock and found herself at a loss for words.

“It’s very weird and awkward,” she told her daughter.

Heidi, who was hurt by her mother’s words, couldn’t even cry because her surgery had left her in too much pain.

Kristin is accused of drug-taking

At the beginning of the final season, and during a weekend in Miami, Audrina, Stephanie and Lo confronted Kristin about what they think may be a problem with too much partying and implied she was taking drugs.

Later Kristin explained: “I went out in Miami and for Super Bowl and had a good time. I’m allowed to do that.

“But the fact that these girls accuse me of doing drugs, which, by the way, when they bring it up, it’s so out of left field. I mean, I think I started laughing…For them to even accuse me of that is so crazy, but it is what it is.”




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