The cheapest European destinations to drive through this summer – and where you’ll spend the most

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THE cheapest European countries to fill up your car this summer have been revealed.

And you’ll save the most at the petrol pump when driving through Cyprus, Andorra and Luxembourg.

Cyprus was the cheapest place in Europe for a litre of petrol

A breakdown by Post Office Travel Money revealed Cyprus to be the cheapest European country for a litre of unleaded petrol.

Drivers cruising around the east Mediterranean country only have to fork out 98p per litre for fuel.

Andorra and Luxembourg are other inexpensive places to fill up, with drivers only spending £1.09 on a litre of petrol.

Popular destinations for UK travellers were relatively cheap as well, with one litre in Austria and Spain only costing £1.10 and £1.19 respectively.

Petrol and diesel is cheapest in these European countries

And the cost of diesel in some European countries is very similar, according to the study, with a litre priced around £1 in Luxembourg, Andorra and Austria.

Meanwhile, the most expensive country is Norway, with prices set at £1.62 for petrol and £1.50 for diesel.

The study also revealed the cheapest places to hire a car while on holiday, including the cost of insurance and 40 litres of unleaded.

Travellers leasing a car in Larnaca, on the coast of Cyprus, only have to spend £368 a week.

And car hire in Brussels and Palma is also relatively inexpensive, with drivers forking out £395 and £432 respectively.

These are the cheapest places to hire a car in Europe, including the costs of insurance and petrol

Nick Boden, head of Post Office Travel Money, said: “It is good news that fuel prices in most European countries are either cheaper or roughly the same as last year.

“However, they continue to vary significantly between countries so it will make sense for holiday motorists to plan routes carefully to cut costs.

“By doing their homework, motorists driving south from the UK to the French Riviera or Italy can save 32p a litre on unleaded by taking a pit stop in Luxembourg where pump prices are state-controlled.

“Similarly, they can save 18p a litre on unleaded and 32p on diesel on lakes and mountains touring trips by crossing from Switzerland to Austria.

“Should Britain’s exit from the EU take place before October, remember that it will be necessary to have an International Driving Permit.

“It would be wise to get one now to avoid a last minute rush and you can get this from your local Post Office at the same time as ordering your travel money.”

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