Stacey Solomon bickers with Joe Swash as they read out fortune cookies

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STACEY Solomon and Joe Swash have shared a hilarious video of themselves bickering as they read out fortune cookies.

The 30-year-old and her Dancing On Ice star boyfriend, 38, were enjoying a date night, when they decided to read out their inscriptions from the sweets.

Stacey Solomon and Joe Swash joked around with fortune cookies

Joe was first up and revealed his said ‘face facts with dignity’.

To which Stacey quipped with a giggle: “You should face facts with dignity!”

Stacey then said: “Mine says ‘when anger rises, think of the consequences’ – it’s like these cookies have got our relationship!”

Joe then said: “The other one that I’m choosing is this one.”

The pair were enjoying a date night in their garden

To which Stacey jokingly snapped: “You can’t choose another one!”

Joe then retorted: “I was born on the cusp I can choose two!”

To which Stacey playfully hit back with: “What does that even mean?!”

With Joe exclaiming: “I have two star signs so I get two fortune cookies!”

They jokingly bickered as they read out their fortune cookies

The pair have been keeping their fans entertained with their lockdown antics.

Howsoever, just this week Stacey had to reassure fans that they hadn’t split up, after previously telling followers she was going through some “personal” stuff at home.

Despite not going into detail about what’s gone on, worried fans spotted Joe had been absent from her social media this week and asked if the pair have broken up.

This week Stacey had to reassure fans that her and Joe hadn’t split

Addressing the speculation, she posted a photo of them holding hands and wished her loyal followers well during these “really strange, scary and emotional times”.

The Loose Women panelist wrote across the Instagram Story post: “… ‘Personal reasons‘ isn’t code for divorce (we aren’t married you know what I mean) it just means some things are happening in our live personally at the moment.

“And some things aren’t mine to share.”

She shared a post on Instagram

She added: “We love you all & hope you’re all OK. These are really strange, scary and emotional times and it’s not easy for anyone.”

Lightening the mood, she hilariously admitted at the end of the post: “P.S. me and Hoe laughed so much trying to take this picture because our hands are so awkward. He wanted me to hide his nails too which was impossible.”

Before wishing everyone a “goodnight”.