Sokoto residents lament over dusty weather

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Sokoto residents lament over dusty weather


Residents of Sokoto State are lamenting over the continuous dusty weather being experienced in the state for four days running now.

Mallam Kazeem Abdullahi, a resident of the state who spoke with our correspondent, condemned the current situation of the weather in the state.

He described the dusty weather as not being friendly to any category of people, especially the asthmatic patients in the state.

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He said, “my wife is asthmatic and if I tell you that for like five days now, things have not been easy for us.

“Thank God she is the owner of her business which makes it easy for us to close her shop since on Monday.

“She cannot go out of the house because of the fear of attack, so we decided to take that measure for her safety”

Also speaking, Aminu Abubakar, a motorcycle operator in the state also raised concern over the continue dusty weather in the time.

According to him, the present dusty weather is affecting the business of Okada beyond a reasonable doubt.

“We find it difficult to have enough passengers like before due to the fact that most residents prefer to stay indoors or better still, go out with Keke Napep.

“Even as you can see, the riders always appear duty due to the heavy dust.

“We can’t wait to let this dusty weather go, so as to continue with our normal routine of business as usual” he added.

Tribune Online recalled that residents of Sokoto State have been experiencing a kind of dusty weather in the last five days.

This has caused most residents of the city to spend more time staying indoors, especially those allergies to dust.

Sokoto residents lament over dusty weather
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