School bans skirts to ‘protect girls’ modesty’ after installing glass-sided stairwells

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A SCHOOL has banned girls from wearing skirts to “protect their modesty” after installing glass-sided stairwells.

Male and female pupils must now wear trousers.

A school has banned skirts ‘to protect girls’ modesty’ on glass stairwells
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But the new rule only applies to Year Sevens — with other years included from next September.

Officials at Stowmarket High School, Suffolk, say the new uniform is “practical” and cheaper.

But one parent raged: “No one believes this nonsense. It’s really about forcing a gender-neutral dress code on them.

“They’ve exempted teachers because they have a union, while the kids are powerless and so their views count for nothing. It’s a disgrace.”

Headteacher Dave Lee-Allan said: “I was concerned about the new build but have been reassured by the designers that personal privacy has not been an issue in similar buildings.
“The resultant uniform is extremely smart and cheaper than the previous version. It is also designed to be practical – for example we have now have the availability during the summer for students to wear shorts.”

It follows protests at an East Sussex school over kids not in gender-neutral uniform being sent home.

Stowmarket High School in Suffolk has been slammed for ‘forcing a gender-neutral dress code’

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