SAS Who Dares Wins’ Ant Middleton poses topless and reveals he burnt letters from family to cope when he was in the army

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ANT Middleton has revealed that he would burn letters from his family as his way of coping in the army.

The 39-year-old SAS Who Dares Wins star is known for his tough guy persona, and he has now shared how he was able to grow his resilience.

Ant posed topless for Men’s Health magazine
David Venni

Ant married wife Emilie in 2006, and the pair have four children together – with Ant also dad to an older son from a previous relationship.

Opening up about how he stays focused during military missions, the former soldier shared: “When I was in the military and on operations, I wouldn’t read any letters from my wife and family. I’d burn them.

“I didn’t need that in my head. I wanted to be totally focused on the job and to do it to my best ability – and then I could get back to them.”

He continued to Men’s Health magazine: “When I do my work, I am 100% work. When I’m being a husband, I am 100% a husband.

Ant with his children and wife Emilie
He opened up about staying focused in the army
David Venni

“It allows me to be the best me. When I’m away from the family, I see it as a short-term sacrifice.”

Ant previously heaped praise on Emilie for keeping his family going when he was deployed to Afghanistan.

He said at the time: “I used not to write home much. It’s easier just to focus on what you’re doing when you’re out there.

“I had a single-minded attitude towards what I was doing and I was quite selfish really.”

The star gives everything 100% – including being a family man
Ant would burn letters from loved ones to remain resilient
David Venni
Katie Price backed the hard man to be the next James Bond
Channel 4
Ant’s full interview is in this month’s issue of Men’s Health
David Venni

Earlier this week, former glamour model Katie Price backed Ant to become the next James Bond after she took part in the celebrity version of SAS: Who Dares Wins.

Although she found the Chief Instructor “scary” she confessed that she had never felt safer than when under his watchful eye.

She said: “I think Ant should be the next Bond – I would gladly put my life in his hands to protect me. I have never felt so safe, which is bonkers but true.”

  • Ant Middleton’s full interview appears in the June issue of Men’s Health, on sale now