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Here’s a little more on that fringe event, where the former minister, Alistair Burt, has been telling an audience he needs to lessons on loyalty to the Tory party.

.@AlistairBurtUK reminds the audience he’s been a Tory for fifty years and was even PPS to Iain Duncan Smith as leader: “I don’t need any lessons on loyalty from anybody about what to do for the Conservative Party in the future.”

At this packed meeting ⁦@AlistairBurtUK⁩ says he stood by IDS in his day and ‘needs no lectures on loyalty’ -it’s 50 years since he joined @ukconservatives

Burt: “one of the big mistakes in 2016 is to think it was all about us…the idea that because they wanted to sell us cars and Prosecco they would give us exactly what we wanted. It wasn’t true then it isn’t true now.”

Burt: “Bringing into office the Vote Leave campaign just hasn’t worked. To produce confrontation and division may win you a referendum but it doesn’t get people on your side in Parliament.”

The Guardian’s just published a leader on Labour’s universal credit policy, concluding that the “plan makes sense”.

The shocking failings of universal credit are justly blamed on the government having listened to the wrong people when setting it up. The sensible reforms set out by Labour show that the opposition has been listening to the right ones. Never mind that the package of changes announced by Jeremy Corbyn on Saturday was misleadingly described as a plan to “scrap” universal credit. His party’s proposals to end the five-week wait for initial payments, scrap the benefit cap and two-child limit (and heinous “rape clause”) are sound. So are promises to review the sanctions system, ditch the “digital only” approach and hire 5,000 new advisers to help those who struggle with online applications.

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