Royal Navy sailor who had baby after being ‘raped in drink-spike attack’ sues MoD

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A ROYAL Navy sailor is suing the MoD for damages after she was left pregnant following an alleged rape by a soldier who spiked her drink.

The woman, 42, had a baby girl after the Army private’s alleged sex assault at an overseas barracks in 2012.

A Royal Navy sailor is suing the MoD
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A Royal Navy sailor is suing the MoD after an alleged rape[/caption]

She claims it happened when she passed out after downing what she thought was rum.

The alleged victim said “previous negative experiences” with military chiefs saw her delay reporting the matter until after the birth in 2013.

When she did, she said, her superiors implied she concocted the story and made her feel “like a criminal”.

Police referred the matter to military cops after prosecutors said they had no jurisdiction overseas.

The military force did not pursue it after the private said the sex was consensual.

Lawyers said the “close connection” between the soldier and the Army meant the MoD was liable.

It succeeded in having the case struck out at the High Court but the decision was overturned on appeal.

It means the woman, who spent 11 years in the Navy before she quit in 2014, can sue the Government.


The woman, who has been diagnosed with stress, said: “I didn’t think anybody would believe me about the rape.

“I wanted to keep it to myself but the attack started to affect me psychologically.

“A doctor asked who the father was and it came flooding out I’d been raped.

“When I told my superiors in the Navy they acted like I’d made it up to avoid going back to sea.

“I thought they’d help me, but they made me feel like a criminal.”

She added: “I just want justice. Fact is, this man’s still in the armed forces while I had to leave because of what he did to me.

“I felt suicidal and helpless, but I have managed to get through it for my little girl.”

Solicitor Chun Wong, at London law firm Hodge Jones & Allen, said: “We will seek to get her justice for what she has suffered.”

The MoD declined to comment.

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