Rory Stewart’s tie removal trick leaves viewers baffled as Tory leadership debate dubbed ‘world’s worst boyband’

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RORY Stewart’s tie removal trick has left viewers baffled – as those battling to be the UK’s next Prime Minister were dubbed the “world’s worst boy band”.

Tory leadership rivals clashed tonight on the live BBC debate over everything from Brexit to sheep – but won the most attention for their unusual postures.

Tory leadership candidate Rory Stewart left viewers baffled when he decided to remove his tie mid-debate
His lack of neckwear left social media users wondering why he might have decided to suddenly strip


Mr Stewart’s sudden removal of neckwear was heatedly discussed on social media as he thrashed it out with far-away favourite Boris Johnson and the other three candidates.

Sajid Javid, Michael Gove and Jeremy Hunt were also in the hot seats as they were quizzed on policy by host Emily Maitlis and residents from locations across the UK.


Mocking Rory Stewart’s apparent attempt to be relatable, confounded Twitter users took the symbolism of the tie’s disappearance in differing ways.

BadLefty tweeted: “Rory Stewart has removed his tie. Boris needs to one up him and remove his trousers.”

While Nick Chapman, referencing Stewart’s opium admission, chipped in: “Probably going to tie it around his arm ready to inject, he seems to have a problem sitting down”.

SmellTheFlowers added: “Sat in a pub watching the #Leadersdebate what the hell is going on with @RoryStewartUK?

“If he thinks manspreading getting a tan putting a dye on his mop without a tie straddling a chair makes him PM material he’s deluded #Clown”.

Viewers branded the five Tory leadership contenders the ‘worst boy band ever’


Others took a more generally contemptuous view of the high-seated stools set up, with Kristie Jane writing: “Worst boyband ever. Just waiting for the key change…….. #doomed #BBCOurNextPM”

While Paul Brooke added:  “This new boyband competition is very weak! #BBCOurNextPM at least West Life used to walk off, air grab and air push – I suppose Rory came close with his Stool Perch!!!”

Rory’s positioning – his feet nearly on the ground as he hovered, almost standing, won nearly as much mockery as his tie removal.

Others were equally baffled as he appeared to start stretching mid-show.

Rory Stewart looked extremely comfortable – as he stretched his legs right out


Oliver Barnes joked: “Rory Stewart doing a lil bit of pilates mid-show”.

Bemused Scott Bennett commented: “Look at Rory, stretching and flexing like he’s at his “Hot Yoga” sessions”.

The five contenders for No10 repeatedly rowed and talked over each other in chaotic scenes during the live BBC debate.

BoJo tried to avoid making any gaffes in an uncharacteristically low-key performance as his four remaining challengers tried to land blows on him in his first live TV appearance of the campaign.

The line-up for tonight’s event was finalised just two hours before the start when party bosses announced the result of the second ballot of MPs.

Mr Johnson was again the big winner, taking nearly three times as many votes as runner-up Mr Hunt.

Mr Gove came third with 41 votes, followed by Mr Stewart who won over 37 MPs thanks to his insurgent campaign.

Mr Javid just scraped over the minimum vote threshold needed to stay in the race while Mr Raab came last and was kicked out.

Tomorrow the remaining five contenders face a third ballot of MPs where the weakest candidate will be eliminated.

The fourth round takes place on Thursday morning with a fifth and final ballot scheduled for Thursday afternoon.

By the end of the week just two rivals will be left – with Tory activists choosing which one should become party leader and PM in late July.

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