Rory Stewart red-faced as he keeps changing his mind on whether he would serve under Boris Johnson

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RORY STEWART is facing embarrassment after flip-flopping over whether or not he would serve under Boris Johnson.

The Aid Secretary has previously insisted he wouldn’t work for the Tory leadership frontrunner if he crashed Britain out of Europe without a deal.

The Aid Secretary appeared to have changed his mind in a matter of minutes
London News Pictures

Rory Stewart says he would ‘bring [Boris] down’ if he tried to shut down Parliament as PM
Darren Fletcher – The Sun

He also threatened to “bring him down” if Prime Minister Boris tried to shut down Parliament – and hold a rival session across the road in Methodist Central Hall.

Then Mr Stewart confirmed The Sun’s line that he would feel obliged to help a Boris-led Government clear up the aftermath of a No-Deal Brexit.

He told BBC Radio 4’s Today programme: “If we ended up in a crisis, and I fear No-Deal Brexit would be a crisis, and if he were to wish me to come back, which I think is a little doubtful given the slight acrimony of the last few weeks, then, of course, I’d be honoured to serve.”

But minutes later he was asked by Good Morning Britain if he would serve under Prime Minister Boris and replied: “No I wouldn’t do that.”

Earlier in the week Mr Stewart performed a different climbdown over No-Deal Brexit.

He said at his launch event that he was “wholly supportive” of a controversial Labour attempt to take control of Parliament’s timetable and so stop Britain leaving without an agreement.

But within hours he said he would not be voting for it.

Last night Mr Stewart attempted to clarify his stance, writing online: “The point is the principle not the person. If no-deal is on the cabinet table, I’m not sitting at it.

If Boris takes it off the table, that’s a different matter.”

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