Rick and Morty fans ‘thoroughly confused’ by wacky season 4 comeback episode

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RICK and Morty fans have been left baffled by the season 4 comeback episode.

The popular animation show is finally back on screens, but the highly-anticipated return episode has left fans more than a little confused.


Rick and Morty has returned and some fans were baffled by what they saw[/caption]

The episode, Never Ricking Morty, which returned on Sunday in the US and will hit screens in the UK on Thursday (7 May), left fans scratching their heads with its quirky plot.

The show wouldn’t be Rick and Morty without each series involving one episode of Interdimensional Cable (or season 3’s Morty Mindblowers), where the duo watch random and bizarre sketches from parallel universe’s cable TV.

This time however, the concept is similar, except both Rick and Morty become parts of these wacky moments, all while fighting the bad guys in outer space.

Following the first episode, fans were divided on social media, as some were were in awe of what they’d seen, whereas some couldn’t get their heads around it.


One fan commented: “Tonight’s new episode of #RickAndMorty had me so confused for so long.

Another fan said: “10 minutes into the new Rick and Morty and I’m already confused as hell.

A third fan tweeted: “My head hurts from watching this episode, it was good tho just kinda confused #RickAndMorty”

While another viewer added: “Went straight to Twitter to confirm everyone was equally as confused from the Rick and Morty ep.”


Rick and Morty has already hit screens in America and will return to UK screens on Thursday[/caption]

The new episode is called Never Ending Morty, in homage to 80s film Never Ending Story.

The show’s co-creator Justin Roiland returns to voice Rick Sanchez and Morty Smith.

Chris Parnell is back as Morty’s father Jerry, Spencer Grammer as Morty’s sister Summer and Sarah Chalke as Rick’s daughter Beth.

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Harmon confirmed that Taika Waititi, Kathleen Turner, Sam Neill and Paul Giamatti will feature in the new season as guest stars, among others.

Episode 6 of season 4 will air on E4 this Thursday (May 7, 2020) at 10pm.