RHONY’s Leah McSweeney calls Ramona Singer ‘repulsive as f**k’ for telling friends about her bipolar disorder diagnosis

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LEAH McSweeney has slammed Ramona Singer as “despicable” for “gossiping” about Leah’s bipolar disorder.

In a preview for an upcoming episode of Real Housewives of New York, Dorinda Medley speaks to Leah about Ramona’s decision to gossip with Sonja Morgan, and Leah insists “it’s just a line you don’t cross.”

Leah called Ramona ‘despicable’

Leah alleges to Dorinda that Ramona told Sonja Leah’s behavior was due to “depression” and “pills”.

The housewife said: “Before the trip to Mexico, Sonja called me and let it slip out that Ramona was gossiping about me having bipolar disorder which I find repulsive.”

When Dorinda asks who told Ramona about Leah’s diagnosis, she adds: “I never told her, she must have been doing some digging which is also very weird.”

Leah continued: “I was diagnosed on my 30th birthday and have dedicated the last seven years of my life to getting it under control and getting myself in a good place.


Dorinda questioned how Ramona knew about Leah’s diagnosis[/caption]


Leah admitted she thought Ramona had ‘done some digging’[/caption]

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Leah joined the cast in 2019[/caption]


Ramona and Leah have been feuding for months[/caption]


The pair have clashed at many events[/caption]

“I am not on medication so for her to even be talking about it in this way is despicable.”

Leah and Ramona have been feuding since Leah joined the cast in 2019, and they recently came to blows over COVID-19.

Ramona and her 24-year-old daughter quarantined for several months in Florida but recently returned to New York City, where Ramona confirmed they had tested positive for the antibodies.

However, Leah felt the move was irresponsible, saying in an Instagram video: “I am so disgusted by some of my cast mates and their families who spent the entire f**king quarantine in Florida, living it up, showing everyone how they’re living it up.


Leah McSweeney is ‘disgusted’ that Ramona Singer took a flight to NYC during the pandemic[/caption]


The new castmember bashed the show OG for ‘not taking this seriously’[/caption]

“Then Florida of course faces surge. They f**king come back to New York and they’re out like nothing.

“Not quarantining. Not taking this s**t seriously. And basically laughing in all of our faces.”

She continued: “F**k you guys.

“How f**ked up is it that you think you’re going to reap the benefits of our hard work and possibly spread f**king COVID?”


Ramona spent quarantine with her daughter[/caption]


She’s now back in New York staying at her home in the Hamptons[/caption]

Ramona defended her actions in an interview with the New York Post telling the outlet: “My family and I quarantined in Florida for more than three months to stay together during this crisis.

“It was the best thing we could have done for one another and I am so fortunate that my ex-husband [Mario] offered for us to stay with him

“It was always the plan to come back to New York at this time and we took every precaution possible while traveling.

“The continued health and safety of my family, friends and community is of the utmost importance to me.”