RHOC’s Vicki Gunvalson slams Kelly Dodd for having ‘no recourse’ and is ‘shocked’ at her return to the Bravo show

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RHOC’s Vicki Gunvalson says she is “shocked” her former co-star Kelly Dodd continues to get asked back to the Bravo series after season 15’s casting shakeup.

The 58-year-old reality star said her friend-turned-nemesis has “no recourse” for anything that comes out of her mouth.

Vicki claimed she is “shocked” nemesis Kelly will return to the show
The reality star said no longer having Vicki on the series was like relieving a “fart”
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Vicki fired off the claims about the 44-year-old’s questionable re-hiring on her podcast, Whoop It Up.

“Kelly will say whatever she wants to say no matter what and has no recourse.

“Bravo brings her back every year and it’s just shocking to me sometimes,” the “OG in OC” continued to say.

The frenemies had a falling out last year but briefly rekindled their friendship at the RHOC reunion.

Kelly Dodd has been a longtime rival of Vicki and Tamra
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The former RHOC star had a falling out with her cast mates after she left the show
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Vicki said on her show: “I said, ‘Listen, stop hurting me. Stop calling me names. I want the best for you.

“We gave each other a hug and that was it. And that, for me, was truce. I’m not gonna pick on you, don’t pick on me, we’re adults, we’re mothers. Just stop it.

“And she said she would. But then two or three months later they’re filming.

“But I didn’t know at that time we were gonna be removed from the show. It just was interesting,” the mom-of-two confessed.

Tamra Judge, 52, and Vicki had a falling out with the rest of the Housewives cast after they were both let go by Bravo earlier this year.

Tamra and Vicki unfollowed Shannon on Instagram earlier this month
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The pair’s feud has escalated in recent months after Kelly posted a picture with their former bff Shannon Beador, 56, after their departure.

In April, the pair unfollowed Shannon on Instagram after she invited arch nemesis Kelly to her home for dinner last month.

Days before the hangout, Kelly was asked about how it feels to not have her rivals return to the show for season 15.

She responded: “You know when you like have a fart and it really hurts and it gets in your stomach and gets in knots and then you release it and then it feels better? Kind of like that.”

Vicki and Tamra will not return for season 15 of RHOC
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The outspoken brunette continued to TooFab: “Kind of like that relief. Uncomfortable and it hurts and then you release the gas and you’re all good.”

Mom-of-four Tamra accused Shannon of being a “fake” friend and completely ignoring her in recent weeks.

During an Instagram livestream earlier this month, she said Shannon accused her of not reaching out at all recently.

However, Tamra claimed she did in fact ring her former bestie and was ignored during her attempts.

Kelly briefly rekindled with Tamra and Vicki before their feud escalated
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The TV personality fired off: “She sent me a text like, ‘what’s your problem? Why didn’t you call me?’

“And I didn’t even respond… I’m like ‘I did call you!’ And you sent me to voicemail. Like I’m tired of calling you.”

She continued to drag Shannon: “I’m not going to beg for your friendship anymore. Nope, not happening.”

Tamra had been on the show for 12 seasons while “OG in OC” Vicki starred on the franchise since day one.