Prisoner begs for mercy as lags force his head down poo-filled toilet crying ‘you’re violating me’

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SHOCKING footage of what is believed to be a convicted rapist being stripped, beaten and head shoved down a toilet.

The prisoner begged for mercy as furious inmates, allegedly from a north London prison, forced his head down a toilet and pummelled him in his jail cell while filming the attack on a banned mobile phone.

Prisoner footage
Prisoners were seen forcing the man’s head down a poo-filled toilet in the graphic footage
Prisoner footage
Inmates ripped the man’s shirt as they taunted him saying ‘take it like a man’

The leaked video, thought to have been filmed at HMP Pentonville, showed a prisoner crying as he was made to take off his clothes and repeatedly lashed with a cable by the baying lags.

Viewers have claimed on social media that the prisoner is a convicted sex offender.

Graphic footage circulating on social media shows the man surrounded by angry lags in his cell as they order him to take off his clothes.

As he’s led to the bathroom, an inmate says: “Take off your clothes before I whack you in the head, bro.”

The prisoner reluctantly takes off his sweater before another prisoner rips his shirt and punches him.

He is then forced to turn around and repeatedly whipped across the back with a cable.

He can be seen pleading “I can’t do any more. Bro, come on bro” as the prisoners make him take off his trousers.

But the inmate filming insists: “Put his head in the toilet.”

When the man tries to leave the bathroom he is shoved back inside, complaining: “That’s too much. You’re violating me right now.”

A second clip shows him screaming “oh my days” as the lags force his head inside the toilet bowl and whip and kick him repeatedly.

The Ministry of Justice has been approached for comment.