Owner of two pooches missing after dog-sitter ‘lost’ them offers money for their return

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THE frantic owner two pooches missing after a professional dog-sitter ‘lost’ them says she’ll pay a ransom demand to get her pets back.

Louise Lawford was looking after five dogs for three owners when she claimed they suddenly ran away.

Becky Parsons is desperate to find her missing pugs
Louise Lawford claims the dogs ran away after they were spooked

She says they were spooked by sudden gunshots and bolted while they were being walked in Hopwas Woods, near Tamworth, Staffs on Sunday afternoon.

Frantic owners asked the West Midlands Police to investigate whether the dogs are stolen.

And alarm bells rang when Louise stopped taking their calls and disappeared from her rented house.

Now owner Becky Parsons, 39, of Erdington, Birmingham who has lost Pablo the pug and Maggie the Jack Russell is prepared to pay cash “no questions asked” to get her mutts back

Mum-of-one Becky, said:”I’m convinced the dogs have been sold on to someone or been picked up by someone who is holding them.

“My family have offered to help me gather some money together and if the person or persons keep Pablo and Maggie will just leave them at a pre-arranged spot I will do the same with the money.

“But I will be wary of any crank or scam calls and will want photographic or video proffe my dogs are safe and well.

“The police are not happy with me doing it but I’m desperate.”

Men’s hairdresser Becky added:”I’m not interested in anyone getting caught for anything and just want my dogs back – no questions asked.”

Police said there had been no sightings of any of the dogs since Sunday.

Pablo and Maggie have been missing since Sunday


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