Oil discovery: Bauchi makes special case on infrastructure to communities

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Oil discovery: Bauchi makes special case on infrastructure to communities

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Following the discovery of crude oil in the state, Bauchi State Government has explained that the state government has earmarked some very important projects that are needed to develop the communities in Alkaleri LGA where oil was discovered in the State.

The Commissioner, Ministry of Commerce and Industry, Alhaji Mohammed Sadiq stated this in Bauchi over the weekend while answering questions from newsmen, saying, “My Governor as a proactive Governor, he has earmarked development projects to the communities, he took their case as a special case, he has a mission of bringing all developmental projects that is needed to the area”.

Mohammed Sadiq also said that government is committed to making the best use of all the good that is coming out from that area, assuring that all the challenges and problems being experienced in the Niger Delta is being addressed here right beforehand.

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On the feud over the location of the oil wells between Bauchi and its counterpart, Gombe States, the Commissioner said that there is no problem with that because according to him, “My Governor has been preaching peace, he has not even bothered himself about any conflict because he knows that there will be no any good in conflict between Bauchi and Gombe state.

This is only coming among the few people but between the two governments there is no problem, the authorities know where everything falls so it is not in doubt that there is a discovery in Bauchi, the other place which discovery it being expected may fall within the other part which is our neighbour, Gombe state.

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We are expecting that and praying that their own well that is been worked on be as promising as was discovered in Bauchi. I don’t think there is a cause for alarm, there is not going to be any conflict in whatever ramification”.

He also said that “ There are a lot of investments there, there are agro investments that are coming into the state, there is also a brownfield investment which our industries will invest in, and more to that, we want to establish in that segments”.

Mohammed Sadiq added that “we have made ourselves ready, been active for this coming of oil in the state to see that much is done, maximum advantage is derived as a lot of companies will spring out of the oil that is going to be the reeled in the refinery that state is going to be a place with everything takes effect”

Oil discovery: Bauchi makes special case on infrastructure to communities
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