No Government would compromise our NHS but that won’t stop Labour and Remoaners kicking off

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Health farce

WE cannot recall a more infantile public “debate” than the knicker-wetting over whether the NHS would be part of a post-Brexit trade deal with the US.

Donald Trump barely knew what “NHS” meant. Put on the spot, he said it would be on the table, then said not — but too late to stop Labour and the Remoaner hordes cynically kicking off.

US President Donald Trump and Prime Minister Theresa May give a joint press conference at the Foreign and Commonwealth office in London[/caption]

“Leave the EU and the wicked Tory toffs will flog our precious NHS to Trump” goes the latest juvenile attack line. Spooked Tory leadership wannabes insist it won’t happen “on their watch”.

What an absurd pantomime.

No Government would compromise our free healthcare. But if US firms offer the NHS cheaper, better drugs or equipment, why wouldn’t we bite their arm off? Isn’t every penny precious?

Our politics is infested with MPs posturing like teenagers. Where are the adults?

Pride in UK

THE Queen spoke movingly yesterday of Britain’s “unconquerable resolve” as our troops began liberating Europe.

How depressing, though, that so few of 2019’s politicians display any.

Getty Images – Getty

The Queen at the historic D-Day commemoration ceremony in Portsmouth[/caption]

The Left find national pride offensive. And many Remainers consider us a terminally-declining tinpot country too feeble to risk standing on our own feet.

Some would prefer to upend our democracy — a system “worth dying for”, as Ronald Reagan said on a previous D-Day anniversary. A system 16 nations yesterday swore to defend.

Our troops are still the bravest of the brave, like their predecessors in 1944.

Too many modern politicians are an insult to those who came before them.

Mad Max

HOW did we hire a third successive idiot as Director of Public Prosecutions?

When Max Hill branded Boris Johnson a “traitor” over Brexit in 2016, and hoped he would come a cropper if he ever made PM, he wasn’t some no-mark gobbing off on Twitter.

PA:Press Association

Max Hill once branded Boris Johnson a ‘traitor’ over Brexit[/caption]

He was a QC poised to land a hugely powerful job.

Now we are meant to respect this verbally incontinent Remainiac’s wisdom.

Hill should be walking the plank. He may have to if Boris does win power.

Bleak choice

SUN readers in Peterborough can pick a new MP today.

You could back the Brexit Party as a protest at the ongoing shambles. Or vote Tory, hoping a new leader sorts it out.

Getty Images – Getty

Jeremy Corbyn campaigning on the streets in the run up to the Peterborough by-election[/caption]

You could vote Lib Dem/Remain and stick two fingers up at democracy.

Or go with Labour, the racist extremists with an unfathomable Brexit policy, who last time gave your constituency a deranged Corbynista later jailed for lying.

But don’t let us influence you.

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