Tuesday’s London weather forecast – another cloudy and breezy day with the chance of patchy, light rain

IT’LL be another breezy and cloudy day in London but less cold than Monday.

There’ll be some brighter spells with patchy light rain possible in western and southern areas.

London weather forecast for 6am on Tuesday January 15

London weather forecast for 12pm on Tuesday January 15

UK outlook for Wednesday January 16 to Friday January 18

On Wednesday, wet and windy conditions will move towards the southeast.

After, it will be colder and brighter but it’ll likely see widespread frost.

Rain could arrive in western regions on Friday.

UK outlook for Friday January 18 to Monday February 11

On Saturday, outbreaks of rain, sleet and snow will likely move towards the south slowly, but getting gradually lighter and patchier.

After, temperatures are likely to stay on the colder side with dry, bright weather.

Any rain in northern, central and eastern regions could turn into snow.

From the end of January into early February, colder weather is likely to be established across the UK which increases the greater risk of snow, ice and frost.



Tuesday’s temperatures for London

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