Russian troops ‘developing psychic powers to mind read and hack computers learned from DOLPHINS’

RUSSIA’S troops have PSYCHIC powers which they have learned from DOLPHINS, according to astonishing claims in an official Kremlin publication.

The normally reliable periodical – Army Digest – also alleges some of Vladimir Putin’s elite soldiers have even used their supernatural powers in battle in Chechnya.

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Vladimir Putin’s troops have learned their psychic skills from dolphins, it’s claimed[/caption]

The article ‘Super-Soldier for the Future Wars’ was published in the February issue of the state-approved military magazine.

The author, Colonel Nikolai Poroskov, makes reference to ‘metacontact technology’ which is another definition of psychic technology.

In the article – which has been ridiculed by some in Moscow –  he goes on to claim the Russian military learned their psychic techniques from dolphins.

“They were giving verbal commands to animals, and the animals obeyed… and it turned out it was applicable for both humans and technology,” he wrote.

As a result, he claims a soldier trained in the metacontact arts can “see through a captured enemy soldier: what kind of person he is, what his weak and strong points are.”

The reliability of the interrogation is almost “one hundred percent”, he writes, without giving any kind of evidence to back up his claims.

Poroskov claims the technology can also help Russian soldiers master foreign languages and locate ambushes, warehouses, and enemy weapons caches.

And – if things weren’t barmy enough – he also claims the troops can use their paranormal powers as a direct weapon.

Poroskov claims Russian army psychics can crash military computers, burn out the crystals in electrical generators, eavesdrop on conversations, and jam TV and radio signals.

However, the head of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Yevgeny Alexandrov, described the military’s alleged psychic abilities as an “invention” and essentially fake science.

He told RBC: “All this is complete nonsense. No parapsychology exists at all, it’s a fairy tale.

“All the talk about the transfer of thought at a distance does not have a scientific basis, there is not a single such recorded case, it is simply impossible.

“This is a way to squeeze funds from the state budget.”

During the Cold War there were claims the Soviets  dabbled in psychic research as a means of espionage or warfare, but there is no evidence any of the research actually uncovered anything useful.

The Pentagon is then said to have set up its own branch to investigate the possibility of psychic warfare.

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It’s claimed Russian army psychics can crash military computers[/caption]

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During the Cold War there were claims the Soviets  dabbled in psychic research[/caption]

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