Remoaners who blamed Brexit when Unilever said it was leaving Britain should eat humble pie now the company is staying

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IF they ever felt any shame, Remoaners would eat humble pie for weeks over their hysteria about Unilever.

Remember how they blamed Brexit the instant the household goods giant said it would move its HQ to Holland?

Unilever is staying put at it’s London HQ

When its boss Paul Polman insisted it “had nothing to do with Brexit” they called him a liar.

They said it beggared belief he had failed to blame the Leave verdict, as they so desperately wanted.

Not that they were unhappy Unilever were going. Far from it. These people now take a warped delight in bad news.

But Unilever has changed its mind.

It’s staying.

Paul Polamn said Unilever’s decision did not have anything to do with Brexit in the first place

If Brexit was to blame for it leaving, as Remainers argued, can we assume Unilever has now decided Brexit will be a roaring success? Or shall we just take Mr Polman at his word?

The sad reality is that many previously sane, serious, objective politicians, journalists, academics and others have lost their minds since the referendum upended their world.

To rubbish or reverse the vote, they have taken to spouting blatant lies and utter drivel.

Tomorrow thousands will march on Parliament with their DOGS to demand a second referendum.

It won’t be just the hounds barking.

An own Gaul

IT’S not enough for President Macron that his popularity in France is at a catastrophic low.

He seems bent on becoming the most hated man in EU history too.

Will Emmanuel Macron’s tough stance backfire?

This egomaniac Napoleon styles himself the saviour of the Brussels project, the man who made Britain change its mind.

Britain hasn’t. And won’t. But Macron remains the greatest roadblock to a deal benefiting both sides and safeguarding hundreds of thousands of livelihoods.

What does he think will happen if he personally engineers a no-deal outcome?

The world will look with loathing on the little Frenchman whose Olympian self-regard, blinkered love for the EU and refusal to respect our democracy destroyed jobs across the Continent.

Irish PM Leo Varadakar will not want a hard border imposed on his country
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And what of Irish PM Leo Varadkar?

Only now, after two years of showboating intransigence, is he apparently waking up to the disaster looming for his economy.

Voters will be merciless with both.

Gongs shame

IMAGINE handing out awards to lawyers for persecuting old soldiers over their actions during The Troubles decades ago.

The callousness boggles the mind.

Soldiers who served in Ireland are being prosecuted.. and gongs given to lawyers

These men are being put through hell for doing their duty.

But the Northern Ireland Office “Legacy Policy Team” are up for civil service gongs.

What will they get if they throw some 75-year-old veteran in jail? Knighthoods?

We always hoped the Government felt some shame over this witch-hunt.

Turns out officials are delighted with how it’s all going.