Pregnant Gemma Atkinson rushed to doctors ‘looking like the exorcist’ as she’s struck with FOURTH water infection

GEMMA Atkinson was rushed to the doctors “looking like the exorcist” after being struck with her FOURTH water infection while pregnant.

The star, 34, told fans she had been “vomiting all night” after dashing to A&E to find out the cause of her pain.

Pregnant Gemma Atkinson was in hospital with her FOURTH water infection

Gemma said: “Today’s post is the glamorous subject of Kidney infections! Yes, I’m going there. I’ve had 3 so far during pregnancy and this morning I was diagnosed with my 4th.

“The first two I knew nothing about, the third one floored me and I actually ended up in A&E with it back in early April. Apparently some woman are just prone to them”

Gemma said she mistakenly thought her pain was simply back ache after watching Avengers: End Game in the cinema with boyfriend Gorka Marquez before she was diagnosed.

She continued: “During mine & Gorks cinema trip I started with back ache but Avengers was a long ass movie so I thought maybe that’s why. Alas though last night came the fever, aches, cold sweats and nausea. In fact I pretty much looked like the exorcist.

Gemma said bags had formed under her eyes due to constantly vomiting

“At first I felt a tad embarrassed going to the Docs with just “back ache and sickness” 🙄 but thank God I did.

“I recognised my symptoms from last time, caught it quickly so it’s not as bad as the last one (thankfully) and its currently being treated.”

The actress went on to thank the NHS but admitted that she hopes she is left in peace until she goes into labour.

She added: “There’s lots of changes happening in our bodies when pregnant and it’s always better to have a check up, for peace of mind if nothing else.

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“The NHS have been wonderful in looking after me but in the nicest way possible I don’t want to see any of them again until I’m due to deliver”

Gemma relaxed with her dog on the sofa after posting her pics and thanked fans for their messages of support on the Instagram app.

The Strictly star is due to give birth this summer and said she feels “so lucky” to have partner Gorka by her side.

She wrote on Instagram last week: “A post for my fella @gorka_marquez Because I’ve had a lot of lovely praise in pregnancy but you dads play a huge part in keeping us feeling safe and looked after.


“From back rubs when baby is lay funny, to getting up in the night with me when I can’t sleep, helping me carry my things, reading with me all the baby blogs, coming to my appointments and encouraging me daily that everything will be ok when push comes to shove. (literally)

“All of the above you do in between the most hectic work schedule. I feel so lucky to have you in my corner and I’m grateful to have you in my life Gorks.

“Mini Marquez is so lucky having you as papa”


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