Police branded ‘stupid’ for blurring face of pickpocket in released CCTV footage

COPS have been branded “stupid” for posting CCTV of an OAP being pickpocketed with the thief’s face blurred.

Luilian Vinatoru, 48, is seen lifting the elderly man’s wallet from his left pocket outside a Waitrose store.

Baffled viewers could not understand why the criminal’s identity was concealed
Surrey Police

He was fined £280 plus £125 in costs and compensation over last month’s theft in West Byfleet.

Surrey Police posted the video on social media as a warning to the public.

But Ricky Stedman asked: “Why the f*** you hiding face! Stupid isn’t it?”

Linda Goodey said: “What right does he have to not be recognised?”

Luilian Vinatoru reached into the elderly man’s back pocket to take his wallet
Surrey Police

Jennifer Riordan put: “Show and shame them! Stick their faces on posters in the area.”

The force said it did not identify criminals unless they were jailed for more than a year, or if there was a significant threat to public safety.

It added: “We feel the video is more powerful without showing his face, as it shows how easily this crime can happen.”

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