Pensioner, 86, breaks down in tears as she begs thief to return her stolen purse in heartbreaking Instagram video

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A PENSIONER has made a heartbreaking tearful plea for the return of her stolen purse.

Pauline Walker, 86, was out shopping in Coalville, Leicestershire over the weekend when she realised her purse, which only contained £10 but had sentimental value, had vanished.

Pauline sobs on Geoff’s shoulder as she recounts the trauma
The pair have been married 86 years
Geoff has written a book detailing his love letters to Pauline when he was stationed abroad with the Royal Leicestershire Regiment

Her devoted husband, Geoff, 89, quickly posted a plea to his Instagram account.

The couple gained a mass following on the ‘gram due to Geoff’s loving posts about his wife – quickly gaining thousands of followers overnight after a neighbour’s tweet about the loved-up OAP’s account went viral.


In the video, Pauline sobs on Geoff’s shoulder as he explains her purse has “sentimental value”.

Geoff tells followers: “Now she is very upset. If you find a purse, because they will throw a purse down, they won’t keep a purse”.

Between sobs a heartbroken Pauline adds: “It’s black”.

Geoff says: “It’s got phone numbers in of the children and everything. The money will be gone, but she’d like the purse back. Love to everybody”.

The video quickly gained traction, being shared and liked thousands of times on various social media platforms.

Speaking to Holly and Phil on GMB earlier today, Pauline said: “I was really surprised. I couldn’t believe what good friends we have.

“I was offered so many purses. I’ve also had a bouquet of flowers”,

The pensioners, married 68 years, had been inundated by well-wishers and offered cash, purses and flowers to help make up for Pauline’s heartbreak.


In a second video posted to the pair’s feed a stern Pauline admits she is “still very cross” about the incident, but thanks followers for their support.

She says: “‘I’m feeling a lot better this morning But I’m still very cross with the people who stole it. Thank you very much, love you all. Thank you, goodbye”.

Pauline says the only time she left her purse unattended was in a cafe where she ordered a tea and treated herself to a shortbread – she had popped over to the counter to chase up her cuppa and thinks it might have been swiped then.

The thief used Pauline’s bank card to buy Greggs before her bank contacted Geoff and were able to block the card, but she has been reimbursed.

Pauline said: “I feel sorry for the person – they must have been hungry because they went straight to Gregg’s to use it”.

But this morning on Good Morning Britain the couple incredibly won £1,000 – more than enough to bag Pauline a new purse.

Geoff said of the heartache: “We’ve moved on from that now.

“We don’t dwell on negative things too long. We like to present a happy face”.

Geoff, who was stationed in Asia while serving with the Royal Leicestershire Regiment, has incredibly written a book detailing his and Pauline’s love letters called Parted by Conflict.

The clip quickly went viral with heartbroken users offering their condolences
But now Pauline is unfazed – as Geoff says the pair don’t dwell on negativity
The pair shot to Insta fame a while back
Pauline and Geoff appeared on GMB where they won £1,000