Over 55,000 young Brits are HOOKED on gambling, shock study reveals


A new study reveals that the numbers of children with gambling problems is over 55,000

MORE than 55,000 kids have a gambling problem — up fourfold in just two years, a shock study reveals.

One in seven aged 11-16 — 450,000 in total — bet regularly, spending £16 a week.

And 70,000 not yet deemed problem gamblers are at risk. Fruit machines, bingo, betting shops and gambling websites are youngsters’ favourites — despite being illegal for under-18s, Gambling Commission regulators found.

Liz Ritchie, whose gambler son Jack killed himself at 24, demanded a ban on betting ads.

She said: “We need tougher enforcement to restrict kids’ access to gambling and a clear health warning that includes gambling’s high suicide risk.”

Clive Hawkswood, chief of the Remote Gambling Association — representing online firms — said: “There are too many children gambling.

“We all have to do more to push the number down. The link between children gambling and ads isn’t clear-cut but there’s genuine concern.

“Hopefully a review we are in at the moment will resolve that.”

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