Manchester United cannot let Jose Mourinho waste any more money, says Jamie Redknapp

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MANCHESTER UNITED bosses should beware of giving Jose Mourinho anymore money to waste, according to Jamie Redknapp.

The Portuguese splashed around £32million on Eric Bailly in 2016 and another £30m on Victor Lindelof a year later.

Jose Mourinho cut a frustrated figure on the touchline
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But he wanted another centre-back in the summer window and admitted his defence made “big, big mistakes” in the shock 3-1 loss to Brighton on Sunday.

But the Sky Sports pundit says executive vice-chairman Ed Woodward and the United owners cannot keep hurling money at the growing problem.

Ex-England and Liverpool midfielder Redknapp said: “Lindelof and Bailly have looked like a couple of youth team players, they have looked inexperienced and out of their depth.

“This back four is worth £117m. They should be performing so much better.

Jamie Redknapp took aim at the Manchester United boss before and after the defeat
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“How much more money can you throw at the problem?

“He has bought Lindelof and Bailly and they looked so poor today, why would you trust him to spend more money?”

Mourinho was given both barrels by Graeme Souness and Redknapp before the game even started, for accusing Manchester City of lacking class.

The Portuguese has had his fair share of rows and controversies during his Premier League stints, clashing with Arsene Wenger and lambasting referees.

Jose Mourinho has slammed Manchester City’s All or Nothing TV Show
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But he started throwing stones in the glass cavern of Old Trafford over accusations his name crops up too many times in a documentary about the noisy neighbours.

Mourinho said: “I know a few things about the movie. You don’t need to be disrespectful to have a fantastic movie.

“My first reaction is if you are a rich club you can buy top players, you cannot buy class.”

But Liverpool legend Souness and Redknapp hit back at the United boss for being a hypocrite.

Graeme Souness is known for his hard-line opinions in the pundit's chair
Graeme Souness is known for his hard-line opinions in the pundit’s chair
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Souness said: “There isn’t a dressing room or manager that doesn’t talk about the opposition in a derogatory way when you’re about to play them.

“I don’t think it’s right that City have dragged up interviews with Jose and De Bruyne, obviously that was a mistake.

“Every manager makes a mistake in selling a player that shouldn’t be sold, it comes back to bite them.

“But it’s rich that he is talking about class, I am specifically thinking of some of the spats with Arsene Wenger, that wasn’t very classy.

“But I think it’s where we are, we are in a different media age, the desire of people to watch that programme will be enormous, I think you just have to take it.

“On the other side of the coin, City can use that as a motivator. It is the world we live in, deal with it.”

And Redknapp warned Mourinho to look close to home if he wants to solve problems like his ongoing row with Paul Pogba.

Redknapp said: “I think he has to find peace with his team, let alone worry about other teams.

“I think that seems to be the major problem for me.

“It always feels at the moment he is having to fight a fire.”

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