Man who mysteriously vanished without a trace was attacked and eaten by his 16 pet dogs, cops fear

A RECLUSIVE man who mysteriously vanished was attacked and completely devoured by his 16 pet dogs, say cops.

The only trace of Freddie Mack, 57, was just five bone fragments and human hair in his pets’ faeces.

Freddie Mack was a recluse, who was living in Texas, US
Johnson County Sheriff’s Office
Deputies later returned to Freddie’s property and found a small piece of bone, after earlier searches had failed to find anything
AP:Associated Press

His concerned relatives reported the Texan man missing in early May, telling the Johnson County Sheriff’s Office that they hadn’t heard from him since April 19.

They were having trouble accessing the property because his 18 medium and large mixed-breed dogs weren’t keen on letting anyone on their territory, reports the New York Post.

When deputy sheriffs returned to Freddie’s home for a further search they found a small piece of bone.

County Sheriff Adam King said that this clue hadn’t been picked up in earlier searches, despite using a drone.

They then discovered several more bone fragments, and other pieces of evidence including suspected human hair in the dogs’ poo.

There were also fragments of clothing that matched the only set Freddie was known to wear.

King told the NYP: “As far as we could tell, he only had human contact twice a month when his relatives would pick him up and take him to the store.

“He pretty much lived in a compound surrounded by mean dogs.”

On Tuesday, a medical examiner’s office confirmed that two of the bone fragments belonged to Freddie – whose relatives have been notified of the macabre revelation.

King added that as the recluse had several pre-existing medical conditions, it’s not clear whether he died from health issues before being entirely eaten by his pets, or whether his pets had killed him.

The sheriff said: “We’ll never know, but either way it’s horrible.”

Deputies seized 16 dogs from his property, and have been given the go-ahead to euthanase 13 of them.

Two of the 18 canines he originally kept had already been killed by the other dogs.

King said: “My hope was that [the detectives] were wrong, that he was going to show up somewhere.

“Of course, that didn’t happen. It was so crazy that I didn’t want to believe it.”

A version of this article first appeared in the New York Post.

Freddie was said to have been suffering from several medical conditions
Johnson County Sheriff’s Office

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