London’s deadliest gangs paying young boys £26k-a-year to be drug mules in deadly turf war

LONDON’S deadliest drug gangs promise children £26,000-a-year to become drug dealers in their violent crews, it has been reported.

The blood-soaked turf wars in the UK capital have been highlighted again by the senseless killing Jayden Moodie, 14, who was stabbed to death in Waltham Forest on Tuesday.

Drug gangs in London recruit school children to take part in their violent turf wars

Schoolboy Jayden is thought to have become the latest victim in a bitter feud between two gangs based in Leyton, North East London.

The war between the Beaumont Crew (BC) and the Oliver Close Gang (OCG) – named after their respective estates – has been raging for almost 20 years.

Blood is regularly spilled on the streets of the London borough as the young “soldiers” of the two gangs fight for control of the drugs and prostitution trades in the area.

A recent academic study into the OCG shows that leaders of the ruthless gang can earn around £130,000 annually from the sale of drugs.

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Jayden Moodie is believed to be the latest victim of London’s bitter drug wars[/caption]

Jayden, pictured with boxing champion Anthony Joshua, was killed in North East London on Tuesday night

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Jayden is believed to be a victim of a violent turf war between two rival drug gangs in the borough of Leyton[/caption]

This map shows the names of gangs operating in North London
This map shows the names of gangs operating in North London

Their teenage dealers, known as “shotters”, can earn £500-per-week –  £26K-a-year – if they can secure 150 regularly drug-addicted customers, the Mail Online reports.

Kids as young as ten are recruited as drug mules – known as teenies – tasked with illegal narcotics and weapons around for the older gangsters.

Dealers aged between 12 and 17 are recruited based on their postcode and often stay in “trap” houses where drugs are sold and made.

School children and teens who refuse to take part in the violent gang war are often beaten or even shot, according to reports.

A chilling map shows the patchwork of violent gangs bringing carnage to the streets of London

Dr John Pitts, from the University of Bedfordshire, penned the 2007 paper on the “economics” of the OCG gang.

His analysis shiows that the head of the gang earns around £390,000 per year which is then spread out to other members of the crew.

He wrote: “Clearly, there is a ‘good’ living to be made from the drugs business at all levels for those with the requisite skills, knowledge and disposition.”

In November, Scotland Yard chief Cressida Dick declared war on the 200 gangs fuelling the violence on Lawless London’s streets.

The police boss vowed she would “relentlessly” target those responsible for the horrific spate of killings which blighted the capital over a ten day period.

Fix people were killed in just six days in London, including 22-year-old Ayodeji Habeeb Azeez who was knifed to death in broad daylight.

Jai Sewell was just 15 when he was stabbed to death in the bloody six days
Jai Sewell was just 15 when he was stabbed to death in the bloody six days

John was just 16 when he was stabbed while waiting for his mum in Tulse Hill
Metropolitan Police

John Ogunjobi was just 16 when he was stabbed while waiting for his mum in Tulse Hill[/caption]

Northumberland Park NPK vs the Wood Green WG

A decade-long feud between two north London gangs saw a teenage girl gunned down as she got caught in the crossfire of a drive by shooting.

The bitter rivalry between WG and NPK gangs has been implicated in a string of street battles and crimes over the last 10 years.

Trainee hairdresser Tanesha Melbourne, 17, was shot dead when she was mistaken for someone else as she left her boyfriend’s house in Tottenham with pals earlier this month.

The teen’s tragic death may be linked to a dispute sparked by a gang brawl in a milkshake bar.

Woodgrange E7 and the Breckton E6 crew

Blood spilled in east London is thought to be linked to a bitter feud between The Woodgrange E7 gang and The Breckton E6 crew.

The gang war is connected to the cold-blooded execution of 14-year-old Corey Junior Davis last September.

Corey was shot from behind as he sat with friends near a playground in Forest Gate. He died in hospital the next day.

Locals say the shooting was a revenge attack for the hunting knife stabbing of an 18-year-old man during a mass brawl at the nearby Westfield shopping centre in Stratford.

Woodgrange E7’s ‘turf’ is just five miles away from Breckton, between Woodgrange Road in Forest Gate.

Both gangs appear to have posted videos on YouTube rapping about gangland violence and ‘shooting to kill’.

MDP ‘Money Drugs Power’

In west London, police have been battling a 100-strong gang who call themthelves Money, Drugs, Power or ‘Murder Dem P******’ linked to a series of murders, knife attacks and shootings.

Members of the gang, based in Shepherds Bush, identify themselves by wearing the colour blue.

Earlier this month police raided sites associated with the MDP in a bid to crush the notorious drug-dealing gang.

Metropolitan Police

A Scorpion sub-machine gun was found in the raids[/caption]

Metropolitan Police

Police confiscated a large bag of Class A drugs this year[/caption]

They found a Skorpion sub-machine gun, ammunition, wads of cash and a huge bag of class A drugs.

Nine people were arrested as some 200 officers stormed properties across west London.

Senior figures of the crew, who have raked in large sums of cash selling cocaine and heroin, are believed to be among those detained, say Scotland Yard.

CRO vs CR7

Another young boy became the victim of gang violence plaguing south London after a postcode war between Croydon-based CRO and CR7 crews escalated.

Innocent Jermain Goupall, 15, was hacked down by vicious knife wielding thugs who wrongly thought he was a rival gang member.

The killers, who included teenage couple Junior Simpson, 17, and Saskia Haye-Elliot, 18, had hunted down and stabbed the schoolboy multiple times in Thornton Heath last year.

He died from a stab wound to his leg.

Simpson along with two other men were last week convicted of murder at the Old Bailey and each given between 18 and 22 years behind bars.

Haye-Elliot was found guilty of manslaughter and sentenced to 12-and-a-half years.

All four were allegedly connected to the CRO gang.

Tensions between the group and their rivals CR7, in Thornton Heath, had spiralled after Simpson appeared in a video taunting enemy gang members with a machete tucked into his waistband.

The clip was viewed 80,000 times and included threats to “shank” – aka stab – CR7 members.

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