Lake District boss sparks fury by saying the area is ‘too white’ – and demanding tarmac paths to make it more ‘diverse’

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THE boss of the Lake ­District sparked a snowflake row yesterday by saying the area was too white.

Richard Leafe, chief exec of the national park, said more “diverse” visitors were needed, amid fears mud and rain put people off.

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The Lake District brings around 20million visitors each year but plans to change it are being criticized[/caption]

Richard Leafe was slammed as he thinks the Lake District needs more diverse visitors and plans to tarmac the Lakes in order to stay relevantAnd his plan to tarmac areas of the Lakes in order to remain “relevant” was blasted as “nonsense”.

Some 20million visit each year. But Mr Leafe said: “We are deficient in terms of black and minority ethnic communities.”

He said the young were also put off by the national park’s landscape — and “we need surfaces to reflect” a changing society.

Plans include an £8million four-mile tarmacked path from Keswick to Threlkeld to provide “multi-access” for all.

But critics accused park bosses of attacking the area’s beauty to satisfy the snowflake culture.

Paul Titley, Keswick’s deputy mayor, said: “If you get wet it won’t hurt you, if you get cold put something else on.”

Councillor Adam Poxon added: “If you don’t want to walk in mud you shouldn’t come to the Lake District. It’s nonsense.”

One Twitter user fumed: “Awoken to the news that the Lake District is now racist. Give me f***ing strength.”


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Judy Brown said: “I’m a person of colour and love it for what it is. We are capable of going somewhere and enjoying it . . without having to change it to be a mini-London.”

Nearly 3,000 people have signed a petition against the tarmacking and the council passed a vote of no confidence in the Lake District National Park Authority.

A Government report this year said national parks were a “mainly white, middle-class club”.

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A report this year said that national parks were a ‘mainly white, middle-class club’[/caption]

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