Deadpool 2 brings back the super duper night in, here are the five things we miss most about the ultimate movie nights back in the day

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THIS week Deadpool 2 turned back time and brought Blockbuster back to the highstreet to celebrate the release on Blu-ray™, DVD and digital download.

Fans headed to London’s Shoreditch in their droves to visit the store, which was a replica of the very first Blockbuster opened in London in 1989, many of them in Deadpool cosplay and fancy dress.

Deadpool 2 fan event
Lorraine Kelly’s a big fan of the film
Fox Entertainment Group
Deadpool 2 fan event
The event was held at a replica of the first ever Blockbuster store in London
Fox Entertainment Group

Deadpool’s biggest fan, TV presenter Lorraine Kelly was the official ribbon-cutter and served the first customers behind the counter.

Inside the store every single shelf was full to the brim with copies of Deadpool 2, a limited edition VHS copy was given away to everyone who turned up with their old blockbuster membership card and for those who couldn’t find or no longer had their card they could audition, all they had to do was demonstrate their unique super power to staff, taken from the X-force audition scene in the film and they would get a new superhero membership card with also entitled them to a limited VHS copy.

Going to the event got us thinking about all of the super duper nights in we used to have watching movies with mates back when Blockbuster was still a thing.

These are the five things we miss most about those super duper nights in.

Deadpool 2 fan event
Fans were treated to a throwback movie experience
Fox Entertainment Group
Deadpool 2 fan event
Deadpool 2 fans were given a free copy of the film at the event
Fox Entertainment Group

7pm on Friday meant 7pm on Friday

Getting the squad together was never easier. With no massive Whatsapp groups and busy schedules to contend with, all it took was a quick conversation at school, or a call on the house phone and it was organised.

Plus, no one could flake out last minute or be late because there wasn’t a way to let you know.

Spending HOURS choosing what to watch

It was an agonising decision to make. These days we can pick and choose what we want to watch on various streaming services, and stop half way through if we don’t like it.

Back in the day the choice you made in Blockbusters was what you were stuck with, so you had to make it count.

Deadpool 2 packshot
Deadpool 2 is available on DVD and Blu-ray™ now

Getting ALL the snacks

Naturally you’d avoid the crazily overpriced snacks in Blockbusters and make a beeline for the corner shop next door. Once there, you’d be sure to stock up on loads of microwave popcorn, sweets and fizzy drinks.

Ordering pizza on the phone

With no snazzy apps you had to rely on the paper menu that came through the front door and order it on the house phone.

Okay so there was no fancy delivery tracker and you had to admit to being a ham and pineapple fan to an actual person, but if they said they’d deliver within 30 minutes, they’d deliver within 30 minutes.

Everyone paid attention

These days we’re all guilty of having one eye on the telly, and the second on our phone or tablet, only giving the movie (and our mates) half of our attention. In the old days this wasn’t an option.

Everyone was in the room, and everyone was experiencing the movie together. Call us old fashioned, but we preferred it that way.

Deadpool 2 Super Duper $@%!#; Cut is available on Blu-ray™ and Digital Download now. Deadpool 2 (Theatrical Cut) is also available on VOD and DVD now.

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