Baffling moment man is caught running out of McDonald’s toilets with his bare bum on full display

A FAST-food fan was caught on CCTV – sprinting through McDonald’s with no trousers or pants on.

Staff watched agog as the customer covered his privates while making a hasty exit.

Staff had to watch in horror as the man covered his privates while making a hasty exit
It is not yet understood why the customer fled the toilets without his underpants and trousers

The unknown man had ditched his underpants and trousers in the chain’s toilets.

Puzzled workers rewound their CCTV footage to capture him legging it while nude from the waist down.

McDonald’s staff are then seen laughing and recoiling in shock.

A caption on the film reads: “He left with no trousers omg.”

The customer can be seen leaving the store clutching his genitals without his jeans and underwear, which were abandoned in a toilet cubicle.

One last image shows him from behind with his bum on show as he runs out past an oblivious woman mopping the floor.

The footage was taken in a McDonald’s branch in Maidstone, Kent earlier this week.

A McDonald’s spokeswoman said: “We are aware of this incident and are currently investigating it.”

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