Mum of girl, 1, murdered by babysitter believes daughter’s ghost appeared in milk and spoke to her step sister

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THE grieving mum of a murdered girl believes her daughter’s “ghost” is reminding her she’s “still here” through the medium of milk.

Ella-Rose Clover was bullied and beaten by vile Michael Wild who, along with the toddler’s godmother Sharleen Hughes had been entrusted to look after the 22-month-old.

Ella-Rose Clover was brutally murdered by her baby sitter last year
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Her mum Pagan is now convinced her daughter’s ‘ghost’ is communicating with her from beyond the grave
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Wicked Wild was sentenced to life behind bars for battering the tot to death earlier this week

Hughes was found guilty of causing or allowing the death of a child and two counts of perverting the course of justice.

She is due to be sentenced today.

Following the convictions Ella-Rose’s mum Pagan took to Facebook to say how she has been comforted by lots of bizarre happenings in the family home since her daughter’s murder last year.

Posting a video of an odd noise apparently coming from a milk bottle on a page set up in memory of Ella-Rose, Pagan wrote: “I have a ghost, this noise was driving me mad, searching to kitchen to find it’s the milk lid.

“Took the lid off and put it back on and it still happened …. I think the milk monster come to let her mummy know she’s still here.”

A pal responded telling her the video had given her “goosebumps” and that it was a sign her girl was “letting you know she’s by your side every day.”

I think the milk monster come to let her mummy know she’s still here.

Pagan Clovergrieving mum

Pagan added: “Isn’t it crazy…. loads of little things have been happening but this one definitely stood out.

The mum told of other eerie things happening with their TV saying: “She had a habit of turning the virgin box off and every now and then just after we’ve been talking about her the tv randomly goes off.”

And in another post Pagan wrote about how the “happy” moment her fiancé, Mark’s, two-year-old daughter told her she had been ‘talking’ to Ella-Rose.

She said: “Shay woke up around 2.30am and spent 2 hours chatting away and laughing her head off in a pitch black room on her own.

“Mark said to her ‘Who were you chatting to this morning?’, she replied ‘Ella’ clear as day. This beautiful girl is only 2 and so her speech is limited and when we talk about Ella we call her Bells. Caught me completely off guard but made me so happy as well.”


Earlier this week Wild was given a minimum of 20 years at Liverpool Crown Court following an eight-week trial.

The court heard Wild, of Wythenshawe, Greater Manchester, had assaulted the toddler on previous occasions when she was left in the care of him and his partner Sharleen Hughes.

On January 21 last year, he was left alone with Ella-Rose while Hughes ran errands.

When she returned at about 1.30pm the toddler was collapsed on the sofa.

The youngster was treated by paramedics and taken to hospital but died from abdominal injuries.

Pagan posted a video of a milk bottle on Facebook claiming it was making a ‘noise’
The grieving mum is convinced the strange sound was ‘the milk monster come to let her mummy know she’s still here’
MEN Media
Ella-Rose loved milk while she was growing up
Michael Wild was given a life sentence with a minimum of 20 years for murdering the tot
Sharleen Hughes, the tot’s godmother, was also found guilty of allowing the death of a child and perverting the course of justice

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