Mrs Hinch fan gets her filthy oven door sparkling in minutes using £3 Lidl dishwasher tablet

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NO matter how many Mrs Hinch cleaning montage videos we watch or miracle multipurpose products we buy, we always struggle to muster the motivation to properly clean our oven doors.

Because not only is this tedious chore mind-numbingly boring, it always gets progressively worse the longer you put it off… sadly.

Aimee Dobson/ Facebook

The mum posted a before photo of her oven door caked with grease[/caption]

However, a super savvy cleaning fanatic has now revealed how you can melt away caked-on grease in MINUTES with an affordable dishwasher tablet.

Posting on the Facebook group Mrs Hinch Made Me Do It, mum Aimee Dobson confessed: “We’re all guilty of something and mine is not cleaning my oven door as much as I should.”

Sharing incredible before-and-after photos of her sparkling oven door, the make-up artist continued: “OMG look at the difference using just a Lidl dishwasher tab, a little water and a bit of scrubbing.

“I’m in shock and so chuffed all at the same time…”

Aimee Dobson/ Facebook

Aimee achieved the sparkling results with a Lidl own brand dishwasher tablet[/caption]

Delving into more detail as to how she achieved the sparkling results, Amy revealed that she’d specifically chosen a “chalky” dishwasher tablet from Lidl’s £3 own brand pack instead of a “coated one”.

She added: “Then I just dipped in warm water and rubbed in circular motions and wiped clean.”

Just like that, all the grease melted away and Aimee was left with what looked like an entirely new oven – and it wasn’t long until she used the magic trick on her mum’s oven too.

And better still, a pack of 40 dishwasher tablets cost just £3.29 from Lidl.

Aimee Dobson/ Facebook

The mum was understandly chuffed with how well they worked[/caption]

Needless to say, other members of the group were similarly blown away by the genius hack.

On replied: “Right, I’m trying that!”

Another added: “What a difference, have to try that.”

Meanwhile, a third gushed: “Well done! Looks absolutely fabulous.”

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