Motorist snoozes as self-driving Tesla electric car cruises on a motorway in California

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A MOTORIST snoozes as his self-driving car cruises on a motorway.

Horrified road users filmed as the Tesla travelled along a freeway in the San Francisco Bay Area, while the man in charge of it rested his head on the side window to nap.

Teslas have an autopilot function, but rules demand drivers are ready to take action at all times

Tesla vehicles have an autopilot function, which keeps it traveling at an appropriate speed compared to other traffic, and keeps the car within its lane.

But rules state the driver must to be prepared to take control at a moment’s notice.

A witness, known only as MiloWee who filmed the scene and posted it on Reddit where it soon went viral, said: “Couldn’t believe it.. asleep in heavy Friday rush hour traffic in the Bay Area.”

He claimed several other drivers had tried to wake the dozing motorist by honking their horns, but added: “It worked – but he fell back asleep.”

The driver appears to be having a nap as the Tesla takes the strain

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