Molly-Mae IS using Tommy Fury for fame, claims dumped Islander Tom

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LOVE Island’s Tom Walker thinks Molly-Mae Hague might be using Tommy Fury for fame.

The model, who got the boot during tonight’s shock dumping, admitted that he wasn’t sure about the influencer’s intentions towards the boxer after the Twitter challenge revealed viewers think she’s using him for money.

Tom has hinted that Molly-Mae could be using Tommy Fury

When asked if anyone was game playing, he said:  “I didn’t think so but then off the back of the Twitter challenge the other day with the comments about Molly-Mae, there were a few seeds planted.

“Whether she’s changed and fallen in love with Tommy, only they know. I didn’t see it initially for myself though.”

During the Twitter task earlier this week, Molly was left fuming when she heard the tweet which read: “Tommy deserves more than Molly-Mae she doesn’t like him, she likes 50k.”

Speaking about it afterwards, Molly ranted: “Wow. I’m actually fuming.

Viewers aren’t convinced Molly-Mae is with Tommy for the right reasons
Tommy is smitten with the influencer

“I’m annoyed because I just feel like to bring money into it, what am I meant to say? I’m speechless to be honest.”

During this time in the villa Tom, who was coupled up with Maura in the villa, was branded a coward and was accused of saying one thing to one person and something else to another.

Speaking as he left the show this evening, Tom lived up to his reputation as he later changed his mind about Molly-Mae and Tommy, saying he actually thought they could go the distance.

Discussing couples who could last, he said: “I think there are four good couples in there – Curtis and Amy, who seem really solid. Michael and Amber.  Michael really likes Amber. She keeps him on his toes but I think she really likes him.

Tom was gutted to get the boot from the villa

“I’m not sure about Jordan and Anna because it’s so fresh but he does really like her.

“Tommy and Molly-Mae spend so much time together. They’re like the same person. It’s rare you get Tommy by himself without Molly-Mae being there. They seem really legit.”

Meanwhile, Tom admitted he was shocked to get kicked out.

He said: “I didn’t expect to go. We knew something was going to happen. Caroline hadn’t dropped in for a while. But I thought maybe some new guys were coming in.

Maura wasn’t sure about Tom after a series of rows

“I didn’t see a dumping like that coming. I thought it was between me and Danny when it came to it.”

Discussing his relationship with Maura, he said: “Maura was the one that I felt the closest connection to. There wasn’t really another option.

“I said what I said about her being OTT etc because it was early days and I was sound boarding off people. I perhaps should have just been straight from the off.”

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