Michael Jackson couldn’t have abused Wade Robson as the child dancer was dating star’s relative Brandi at the time, ‘paedo’s’ nephew claims

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LEAVING Neverland accuser Wade Robson wasn’t abused by Michael Jackson because he was dating the singer’s niece, it’s claimed.

Jacko’s furious nephew Taj Jackson says Robson was dating Brandi Jackson during the period of the alleged abuse — a fact he claims is “conveniently left out” of the explosive documentary.

Taj Jackson claims the documentary makers have left out facts and distorted events and timelines
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Wade Robson claims he was groomed and then abused by Jackson as a little boy
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But Taj insists that Wade Robinson was fact dating his cousin Brandi Jackson during the time of the alleged abuse

Taj claims he knew Robson “pretty well” from when the accuser was between the age of seven to 14 — because he was dating his cousin Brandi.

He said: “Brandi. It’s something they’ve conveniently left out of the documentary because it coincides with Wade saying [the abuse happened] from the age of seven to 14.

“But he was dating Brandi from nine to 18.”

Leaving Neverland features allegations by Robinson along with James Safechuck, a former child actor who says the singer began molesting him when he was 10.

But the film has been slammed by Jackson’s estate and fans who accuse the British filmmaker Dan Reed of being one sided and not showing the full story.

It’s something they’ve conveniently left out of the documentary because it coincides with Wade saying [the abuse happened] from the age of seven to 14 — but he was dating Brandi from nine to 18

Michael Jackson’s nephew Taj

The second part of the disturbing documentary aired tonight on Channel 4 and features fresh abuse claims from Robson, a choreographer who says Jackson began abusing him when he was seven.

Taj said: “Not only that, it was my uncle that actually set them up because Wade had said he had a crush on Brandi.

“They met at the LA Gear thing and they were also in the ‘Black and White’ video.

“So after Wade had said he liked her Brandi and my cousin Siggy came up with Wade and his sister, Chantal, to spend the week at Neverland.

“It was then that Wade asked Brandi to be his girlfriend.

“That’s what’s so sick about this. Wade has a story that doesn’t even coincide with reality.”

Brandi, now 37, who is the daughter of Jackie Jackson the oldest brother of the Jackson family, took to her Twitter page in February to confirm this.


Taj claimed the filmmakers distorted events.

In one example he cites how Wade claimed in the documentary how he decided to testify in favour of Jackson in the 2005 trial because during a dinner with the singer and his children he had to save him.

He said: “Wade basically says he sees Paris and thinks to himself, ‘I have to save him [for the kids sake].

“I can’t let him go to jail.’ Well that actually dinner happened after he testified and that was my problem with it, they’ve changed timelines to suit their story.”

In this instance Taj alleges Wade was fed a script in the same way reality TV stars are.

But Taj does not stop with the film itself because he turns his fire on Oprah Winfrey who interviewed Wade and Safechuck last week without giving the family a chance to have their say on behalf of Michael.

He said: “Ee feel very backstabbed in a way because she didn’t even give us the common courtesy to say: ‘Hey, I’m doing this, do you guy want to add your voice too, or make a statement?’

“She didn’t ask anyone.

“No one even knew it was happening until they announced it. Because my uncle is no longer here she should have offered some kind of voice for him.”

Jackson, who died in 2009 of a drug overdose, strongly denied all allegations of sexual abuse made against him.

Taj now wants to make a documentary in response to Leaving Neverland, which explores sexual abuse allegations made against the star.

He hopes to raise $777,000 ( £602,000) for an “explosive” project that will “conclusively destroy decades of salacious myths” related to his uncle.

Writing on his gofundme page, he said: “Once again, we have to defend Michael Jackson’s name and legacy from vicious and calculated lies.”

Wade Robson claims Jackson was a serial sex offender
A rundown of all the child sex abuse allegations made against Jackson
Michael Jackson with his father in 2005
2005 Getty Images

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Leaving Neverland explores some of the sexual abuse allegations made against Michael Jackson[/caption]


Most of the alleged abuse is said to have taken place at Jackson’s Neverland Ranch in California[/caption]

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Jordan Chandler, right centre, claims Jackson molested him. His family were paid a reported $23m[/caption]

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