Meghan Markle ‘would have been clueless about the reality of joining the Royal Family’, claims Paul Burrell

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PAUL Burrell claims Meghan Markle would have been totally unprepared for the realities of joining the royal family.

The Queen’s former footman revealed that there are no guidelines or rules for those who marry into royalty.

It’s thought Meghan was scolded by Prince Harry at Trooping the Colour

Those born into The Firm would have had a life time of instruction on how to act and behave in public.

But for their partners, they often get thrown in the deep end, and Paul says they “have to rely on their partners to teach them the way forward”, just like Kate Middleton has.

Speaking on Yahoo’s The Royal Box, the 61-year-old said often royal wives and husbands have to learn on the job.

He said: “Would you believe there is no rule book?

Paul revealed royal wives rely on their husbands for guidance
The Royal Box/Yahoo

“There is no etiquette lesson, there are no advisors.

“Nobody prepares people coming into the Royal Family.

“Meghan wouldn’t have been given any preparation before joining the Royal family.”

The mum-of-one has been spotted making gaffes during her first year as a royal.

She made the mistake of asking the Queen who goes in the car first, was spotted having a tense chat with Prince Harry at Trooping the Colour, and she previously signed autographs for royal fans.

Paul worked as Princess Diana’s butler for ten years
Rex Features

The 37-year-old, who recently welcomed baby Archie, will have to fall into place, Paul said.

The Duchess of Sussex would have to ‘tone down her opinions’ now she’s a royal, he added.

Paul said: “What comes with maturity is a sense of beliefs, but that won’t always sit well with the royal family.

Paul says Meghan will have to tone down her opinions now she’s a royal

“She has to tow the party line.”

But the problem of inexperience isn’t a new one, with Paul, who served as Princess Diana’s butler for ten years until her death in 1997, saying this was also a problem for the late princess.

He said: “I think that’s where it went wrong in the past.

Meghan is having to adjust to her new life as a royal

“Not even Diana was given a tuition into entering the royal family.”

Paul suggested that it would be helpful for anyone entering the ranks of the senior royals to be given some idea of how The Firm works.

He added: “It would be good for people coming into the Royal Family to have an overplan of the royal year.”

Meanwhile we revealed ‘doesn’t have an intimate relationship with Kate Middleton’ but Meghan Markle makes her laugh.

Although he might not be as close to Meghan as he is to Zara, Prince Charles is said to have welcomed her into the fold – and of course walked her down the aisle at her wedding to Harry.

Meghan Markle has allegedly been nicknamed the ‘degree wife’ by one senior royal who claims her marriage to Prince Harry will ‘only last three years’.

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