Mama June urges fans to buy her $26 ‘Mama AF’ T-shirt after selling her house amid money struggles

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MAMA June is urging fans to buy her $26 “Mama AF” T-shirts amid her ongoing money struggles.

The troubled reality star, 40, who left her family in tears after selling her home, posed in the T-shirt from her new merchandise line.


Mama June is selling $26 “Mama AF” T-shirts amid her ongoing money struggles[/caption]

June wore the black top next to her male pal – who donned a similar version – in a photo she shared on Instagram.

She captioned it: “Loving my new shirts! Shop Link in my BIO! #MamaSlay #MamaAF.”

The reality star launched the new line of merchandise earlier this week.

She wrote: “Excited about my merchandise launch! It feels good to be getting it together!!”


The reality star, 40, has been struggling to drum up funds after her crack arrest[/caption]

She launched her merchandise line last week

The face masks are being sold for $17 a pop

The products include a $17 face mask which reads “Mama Slay” and a yoga T-shirt bearing the slogan “Mama-ste b***hes,” a play on the word namaste.

It comes as June left her daughter Alana Thompson in tears on Mama June: Family Crisis, after the teen found out she’d sold their Georgia family home.

She reportedly only got a fraction of the home’s value after she put it on the market in August 2019.

Her daughter Alana broke down in tears after she found out June sold their Georgia family home

The reality star sold it at a loss for £100,000

Alana’s sister and guardian Lauryn was forced to break the devastating news.

She said: “I’ve been trying to find the right time to tell you, mama sold her house and everything in it.”

Alana was distraught after learning the home she planned to live in in the future is no longer hers.

“That’s dumb why did she do that? She told me when I got older that was going to be my house! What about my stuff that I left there? We’re never going to get to go back to the house again?


June tried to sell her Nike sneakers for $70 in March[/caption]

“We had so many great memories in that house and she’s just going to sell it like it was nothing? How can she do this to our house,” the teen cried out.

After Pumpkin revealed that they now were moving two hours away, Alana became more upset.

“No one every asks what I want! I don’t want to go to a new school, I not want to move away, I don’t want to make new friends.

“Ya’ll are really ruining my life,” she screamed before she stormed out.

The following day, she continued to criticize her family at the hotel they were staying at.


She’s banked $10,000 in one month from Cameo personalized messages[/caption]

“I don’t know how you expect me to feel. Mama just sold her house which was supposed to be mine when I’m older.

“I don’t have time to worry about that because now I have to change schools. Why would Pumpkin and Josh do this to me?

“They know I just made friends and now I have to make more. This sucks,” the reality star complained.

In August 2019, Mama June sold her home for just $100,000 despite being worth double the amount, according to TMZ.

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June and her boyfriend Geno were arrested for possession of crack cocaine in March 2019[/caption]

The low price put her at a loss, as she purchased the home in 2014 $156,000.

June was facing both financial and legal trouble at the time after she and her boyfriend Geno were arrested in March 2019.

The couple was charged for possession of a controlled substance, crack cocaine, and possession of drug paraphernalia, a crack pipe.

Cash-strapped June has been trying different methods to drum up funds, including selling personalized Cameo videosbanking $10,000 in just one month from the custom messages.

Last month, June left her daughters distraught when she sold family possessions for cash. 

And back in March the star made headlines when she tried to sell a pair of Nike sneakers for $70 online.

She’s also been spotted pawning a diamond ring for $1,500 and has been selling items on Facebook Marketplace.