Love Island’s Anton and new girl Belle ‘do bits’ during excited back scratch on their first night, say fans

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ANTON Danyluk got very excited in tonight’s Love Island with new girl Belle when she scratched his back.

The Scottish hunk was overjoyed when Belle asked him if he minded her sleeping in his bed on their first night together and something went down.

Anton got very excited when Belle scratched him
Anton’s smirk said it all

Blonde beauty Belle was seen stroking Anton’s head as they were falling asleep before her hands disappeared beneath the duvet.

“Do you want me to stop?” she asked him as he laughed and said no.

Pulling the duvet over both of their heads, Anton made it clear something was going on with the smirk on his face – and viewers agreed.

They are convinced the pair joined the Doing Bits Society rather than just a back scratch.

As it became clear Anton was enjoying the back scratch, Belle asked him if he wanted her to stop
He didn’t want her to stop
The pair disappeared beneath the sheets

One wrote: “Belle definitely tickled more than Anton’s back.”

A second said: “You can tell it’s been a while…” Belle proper taking a piss out of Anton 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 #LoveIsland

Another added: “Blimey! Belle is going IN on Anton! She’ll be shaving his a*** in tomorrow’s ep #loveisland”

Later in the show, both Belle and Anton confirmed something did happen.

Belle laughed: “I was tickling him and he got excited. You can tell it’s been a while since he’s had anyone touch him, put it that way.”

Meanwhile Anton put a huge smile on his face to tell the boys he had been touched.

He told them: “She’s got these big f*** off nails right, and started tickling down my back and then down the sides so I started to get…”

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